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Cybersecurity: By Using Python!

cyber security with python Cybersecurity: By Using Python!

“You are only protected until you believe you are protected!” True, Nah! — definitely the wrong pick of the day.

Another one, the last one — “If some tech-savvy says that you are secure!” Believe me, your security has been or going to be compromised sooner or later, but it will be. Hilarious! Isn’t it?  — The Bitrex truth! Period.

So in most of the tech giants, the emphasis on the security aspect is just a surrogate. This makes their products or services abruptly ready for attacks. The development of a solution or the application thus developed leaves behind the loopholes. These loopholes turn out to be the smoothies for the attackers, which backfires on the firms involved. The businesses are compromised, just over the little vulnerability in the code.

The coding context is handled from person to person; some love java while the rest of the world embraces and sleep with the Devil — Python. How many of my readers still believe that the computer language ‘Python’ was named after a snake? If this is so, then let me tell you one interesting and chilling fact.

python language Cybersecurity: By Using Python!

The language was developed by the author Guido Van Rossum, but he named after his favorite comedy group Monty Python’s show which is Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The scripting language in itself has marvelous and mesmerizing uncountable features and reasons to dwell. The Python Certification course will enrich you with its high level and object-oriented features. On top of it the veil of exception handling will be pulled off during the session.

The course will settle down all the complexities of managing computer memory, abstraction, encapsulation, data-binding, data hiding, getting rid of the futile anachronisms for the modern era of pragmatic coders. The course pushes you to do the volatile and critical stuff.

Python is the primary choice of cyber world professionals. The cybersecurity experts choose this language due to the availability of a vast number of third-party libraries. The capability of these python libraries makes the task way simpler, more comfortable and reduces the time to perform the heavy lifting of integrating the pieces of the scripts together and continue the development.

The language is highly versatile. The covenant professionals make use of the versatility to write the code for penetration testing, web development, applications.

Are you gazers ever seen this image or map before if not, have an intellectual look:

The image is a live map of the norsecorp firm whose website will give you the real-time information of the countries that are asunder or under the cyber-attack. The initiative is to demonstrate the necessity of the cybersecurity professionals in 2019 and the inevitable future.

Why Python for Cybersecurity?

The reason is that Python is the most sought-after language so far walking down the aisle of the bracket of low-level to high-level languages.

  1. The immense amount of libraries or the powerful great packages which backs up the RAD (Rapid Application Development).
  2. Neat, clean and tidy syntactical code and modular design.
  3. Exigent memory management and dynamic or on the go/ run typing capability.
  4. Jumbled code environments for adding various programming languages viz. MicroPython,  Cython, Jython, Skulpt (JS), PyPy.

Starting the journey from the testing of silicon chips in Intel, powering social media, i.e., Instagram (IG) to the real-time experience high-end graphical games with Ray Tracing Experience(RTX), you’ll find the Devil — Python.

penetration testing Cybersecurity: By Using Python!

The Ultimate Choice of the Penetration Testers: Python Bang!

The Ethical Hackers or the white-hats or the penetration testers without blinking their eyes makes a firm choice of Python to advance with securing the businesses’ future. The professionals need such a language that can provide the complete spectrum of features to formulate the powerful and novel algorithms.

Python arrives with the bundles to aid Web activities like parsing HTML, XML, and constructing clients. The frameworks like Django, flask, et al. come up with open source environments for developing the Rapid Application Development (RAD) functionality. Moreover, these frameworks take extensive care of the security of the application. The robust features like optimized calculation handling of the third party vendors make Python a rock-solid language preference.

The other thing is that Python is the foundation stone of most of the penetration testing tools. The vulnerability scanners like BurpSuite, nmap, sqlmap, acunetix, Metasploit, Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), Nessus, nexpose, et al., all of them are in Python. So if the security enthusiast even if thinks of starting his career using these tools, then also he needs to understand the basic functionality of these tools, which in turn is in Python. The tweaking is the next step to lunge.

For instance, one can send the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) packets to the victim’s hardware, analysis of the malware, sometimes create the bloatware to have information for the good of the user, build the intrusion detection and recognition systems with least dependence on the third party engines.

Since Python is a High-Level language, so it’s a bit hectic task for the hardware resources to visualize the incomings.

cyer security professional needs Cybersecurity: By Using Python!

CyberSecurity Professionals’: Needs

So what does a cyber expert need to know? On a priority basis the prerequisites are:

  1. Essential to intermediate knowledge of Information System.
  2. Intermediate level of Systems Security.
  3. Basic understanding of Programming or Scripting language: Python is the predator in the food chain of computer languages.

So now the Learning Objectives of the crazy minds:

-> Web Recon

-> Port Scanning

-> Packet Sniffing

-> TCP Packet Injection

-> Forensic Analysis

-> Malware Analysis

All the above objectives are  put into the fields of:

  • Digital Forensics
  • Exploration Analysis
  • Software Development
  • System Analysis
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Sssscript Kiddies

So it’s the time to separate the sheep from GOATs(Greatest of All Times). Name a single personality from Astra to Kevin Mitnick who didn’t know the scripting or bash programming? Even the ethical hackers alias WhiteHats like Jullian Assange or Edward Snowden implemented their neurons in shell scripting or Python programming. The BlackHat hackers wrote the scripts on local as well as server-side to take advantage of the leech of the information technology firms, while the WhiteHats did the same but to aware the innocent from the government as well as the private sector.  

They work in the environment of Python to make and perform better security assessments. The experts take a leap of faith in blindfolded shrink-wrapped algorithms to fresh mind ethical hackers.

Simple scripts to the mind-boggling exploit frameworks are the road that they pelt with their sizzling intelligence using Python language.

modularity Cybersecurity: By Using Python!


The wide span of the cyber experts opting Python finds themselves drooling to penetration testing. These lads manage networking by handling the sockets, port scanning, etc. It’s also known fact to the new minds into this domain that without the gist of programming or scripting language they have no chance of standing in the crowd. They’ll be crumbled by the giants who have clinched the ropes of scripting language: Python.

The one power module to play with is Scapy, no doubt others are also present in the market, but for starters, it’s the best they’ve got to add protocol analyzer abilities to the Python code and can be well implemented in reading the traffic, perform Address Resolution Protocol spoofing, cache poisoning or establish the Man in The Middle invasion and many more.

The Shower

All well said python programmers have no match in the industry. They outcast the flock and herd, emerge as the voracious predators. On top of it, if one is creative and remarkably astute, then no other person or professional can bar him from outshining with all the skills gained in the training course.



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