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Data Architect Salary in India & US

Data Architect Salary in India & US

In today’s rapidly changing technological environment, a data architect is a specialist for all the I.T. resources and business objectives. Many people considering this profession should know very well that this job requires working on data, software, networks, and cloud services and correctly modeling how the infrastructure and its components fit with the business demands.

Whichever group you belong to, you might have thought of participating in data science boot camps if you think about all the different routes that may enable you to be a data architect.

You should also know your level of ability and how your schedule and preferences are appropriate before joining the best data engineering Bootcamp on the market today.

Who is a Data Architect?

In general, data architects are highly valued senior professionals in large organizations. They use advanced computer design capabilities to create databases for companies to capture and analyze big data. Data architects need to be innovative problem resolvers who use various programming techniques to invent and develop new data storage and management solutions.

Job requirements

When hiring Big Data Architects, businesses are growing more challenging day by day. But what are the most distinctive requirements for this role? Let’s go through them.

First, a prospective applicant should be able to understand and communicate how big data drives a company. Second, it has to deal with a wide range of highly siloed systems with highly diverse data.

On the other hand, the excellence of big data technology tools and data modeling and mining tools are of crucial importance. Java, Linux, PHP, and Python are all essential programming languages.

Finally, most businesses value their familiarity with designing and implementing major on-prem and cloud-based data storage solutions using cluster and parallel RDBMS and NoSQL architectures.

Salary & Job Outlook

Data architects expect employment opportunities to rise by 10 percent between 2019 and 2029, significantly higher than the average for all United States occupations. It is mainly because of the vital need for database scientists to work on increasingly popular digital systems worldwide. As per Payscale.com, the average salary for data architects was $119,249 in January 2021.

Salary levels can differ widely according to many important factors, including education, certificates, additional qualifications, and how many years you spend in your career.

  • Location: A data architect’s annual average basic pay in India is approximately Rs. 1,722,000. It can reach a maximum of Rs. 3,131,000 annually and as minimum as Rs. 1,015,000 annually if the right conditions are not met. 

Let’s now look at the salaries of Data Architect infamous Indian cities. Get an opportunity to work in New Delhi’s subway cities, like Mumbai or Bangalore. Your earnings will be good again. A data architect in New Delhi may expect a salary of Rs 2,456,000 per year, well above the national average. In Mumbai, however, the salary falls to Rs. 1,496,000 annually. In Bangalore, a data architect’s salary is about Rs 1,917,000 per annum, slightly above the national average.

You can receive a salary which is something around Rs 1,722,000 per year if you are in Hyderabad. Employees working in Pune have a low salary – 1,782,000 rs a year. In Chennai, the compensation of the data architect is Rs. 1,658,000 each year.

The average salary of data architects in the U.S. stands at 92,945 dollars per year or 44.69 dollars per hour. The bottom 10% of people on the lower end of this continuum earn around 69,000 dollars per annum, while the top 10% make 123,000 dollars. The highest data architect’s salaries are California, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and West Virginia. But the range typically falls between $62,454 and $98,795. 

It is interesting to note that data architects receive the highest salaries of $125,027 per annum in San Francisco, CA. The entry-level mean pay in San Francisco is CA $80,000. Additionally, the Data Architects in Baltimore, MD, Arlington, VA, Wilmington, DE, Washington, DC, and Edison, N.J. earn more than the average salary. 

In a broader context, data architect salaries in California, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, NJ, and Colorado are maximum. Oklahoma, Louisiana, and South Carolina, by contrast, pay the lowest salaries for data architects. Data Architect I role’s average salary is A$94960, between A$76822 and A$113116 in Australia, as of March 19, 2021.

In Belgium, data architects are likely to notice a salary increase of about 11% on an 18-month basis. For all combined careers, the national average annual growth rate is 8 percent every 17 months for employees.

  • Industry: The salaries of the data architect will vary according to the sector. In reality, retail firms, health care, and technology companies appear to provide data architects with significantly higher salaries. E.g., when data architects work for retail firms, they make a substantial average salary of 109,715$. In this region, other healthcare firms make $109,194, and in technology firms, around $99,771. 
  • Experience: A data architect with 5-9 years experience earns approximately 1,496,000 rs per year. A highly skilled data architect who has worked in this particular role for a 10-19 years period is paid around Rs. 2,077,000 per year. You can expect higher salaries than professionals with similar skills when you gain experience in the industry.
  • Education: According to a salary report, a big data architect’s average salary with a bachelor’s degree is $140,951 – $151,005. The median salary for a Master’s or MBA degree is $142,147 – $152,803. The median salary of J.D., MD, Ph.D., or equivalent Big Data Architect is $143,822 — $155,319.
  • Skills: The data architects who have expertise in data modeling, data storage, big data, and business intelligence are paying about Rs. 1.835 thousand per year, Rs. 1.868 thousand annually, Rs. 2.017 thousand annually and Rs. 1.8 million annually, each.

Final words

Digital data control provides a tactical benefit to organizations. Enter the data architect: the master intellect that ensures that the data is accurately collected, structured and accessible when necessary.

This demanding task includes more than entail maintaining secure, co-located, open data centers. For complex processes that are important to make strategic business decisions, a data architect is responsible. As numerous companies now focus on data, the market for data architects is intensifying.