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Does Blogging Waste Time? Bloggers Usually Questions


If blogging interferes with other required or normal activities, then you could say yes, blogging does waste time. There are many good aspects of blogging for individuals, and some businesses benefit from using blogs commercially. One of the biggest commercial successes is Facebook, which has turned a personal project from a pastime into a billion dollar business operation that relies mostly on blogging activities by its users.

Why Do People Blog?

People post blog entries for many reasons, including when they try to make money, maintain contact with family or friends, find a job or just write for ego satisfaction. For some, making money is a primary goal. For most, blogging is merely a simple pastime, or a way to connect with others in the age of instant communication.

How Do People Blog?

Blogging is an activity unique to the Internet. It is similar to communicating by printed newsletters or sending greeting cards to friends, but everything is done online electronically, and instantly. It is possible to post a blog entry and reach thousands of persons, friends, customers or strangers immediately. Blog posting is also used in emergency situations, to contact the associated network of people.

Many people start their blog experience by visiting or using a public website, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Linked-In. They may later create their own website or web page to hold their personal or business blog entries. New options for blog pages are now available, such as the Facebook Templates and other design schemes that allow users to customize and personalize their information.

What Can Blogging Accomplish?

Blogging can accomplish several objectives. One is communicating with others. Another is providing a way to do business online. Blogging brings the world of publishing written works to anyone who can type and express their thoughts. It can boost an ego, establish new friend connections, and offer a vehicle for communication on a global range to anyone with basic computer skills.

What Purpose Does Blogging Have?

Blogging can be self centered, business oriented, or focused on reaching others. It fills up spare time, allows exchange of ideas and information, and can act like a mentor, friend, parent or psychiatrist to some who need that type of support. Making money is the sole purpose of many blogs. People use advertising to earn commission or small revenue from visitors to their blog websites. Some can earn a significant amount of cash in this manner.

Blogging is used for political campaigns. Fundraising, information control and spinning, event publication and reporting, and instant response to other messages are just some of the benefits blogs offer to political candidates. Blogging is an integral part of social media networking. Friends, strangers, experts and students all can mix and mingle thoughts, images and conversations with each other when they participate in blogging. A few negative uses do also occur, as in the case of Facebook Fights, bullying and other activities that are mean-spirited in nature.

Is Too Much Time Spent Blogging?

Whether blogging wastes time or not really depends upon the purpose of the activity and how it impacts the blogger. If someone can make money writing up blog entries, it is generally seen as a positive and not a waste of time. If blogging takes a person away from other important activities and interferes with their lifestyle, it has become a waste of time. It is easy to waste time blogging. Blogging requires time, thought and energy. Blogs need to be updated to remain current and interesting.

If blogging interferes with getting regular work done, such as homework, child care, or other forms of communicating in person with real people, it may be considered a waste of time. If it becomes a chore or task rather than a pleasure or a regular part of a money-making venture, blogging wastes time.

Use Time Wisely

Time is fleeting, it cannot be recovered. How people choose to spend their time may not be something they even think about, but it is a limited resource and they should consider how time is best used. It is possible to reach the world, spread happiness, get love, share a story anonymously, make new friends online or set up a base for future business rewards just by blogging.


  1. Blogging is not a waste of time because the work of a blogger is to communicate their ideas, update readers on the current trends, offer tips and advises, impact knowledge on readers and even make money while doing all these.

  2. Blogging is an activity unique to the Internet. A Blogger can build his career online day after day and afterword it feeds him for lifetime. Though building a fortune take a bit time but afterwards a blogger can be highly rewarded.

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