Home Internet Running Out of Storage in Dropbox? Here are 10 Dropbox Alternatives!

Running Out of Storage in Dropbox? Here are 10 Dropbox Alternatives!

Running Out of Storage in Dropbox? Here are 10 Dropbox Alternatives!

Running Out of Storage in Dropbox? Here are the Top 10 Best Dropbox Alternatives that offer more storage for cheap pricing with better security and privacy settings! If you are looking for some Best Cloud Storage Services or Top Dropbox Alternatives, then reading this post worth your time!

In the era of technology, it’s always good to research a little bit before you are ready to buy in an ecosystem, as for most of us it’s a long term decision. So the people and businesses will continue the trend of reducing their need to rely on costly hardware and infrastructure by placing files and applications in some kind of a storage system. There are many Dropbox Alternatives and online storage providers. But all of them are not the best! Given the multitude of cloud storage providers out there, you must take care in choosing a provider who will offer the maximum amount of low-cost storage and bandwidth, while still keeping your data safe.

So whether you’re a newbie looking for a good storage system or is someone looking for a Dropbox alternatives, its traction is the ease of use. But with these Dropbox Alternatives, you can Use The Best Cloud Storage Services Instead of Dropbox.

So here’s a list of 10 Dropbox alternatives options you can try out yourself:-

10 Best Dropbox Alternatives For Cloud Storage

Google Drive

Dropbox Alternatives

If you are someone who is looking for cloud storage for your personal use, Google Drive is the best choice. It’s integrated and behaves much like Dropbox. Still, it’s a better deal than Dropbox and one of the Best Dropbox Alternatives. The free version of Google Drive gives you access to 15 GB of cloud storage. However, you should keep in mind that the 15 GB storage is shared between various Google services including Gmail and Photos.

Secondly, with Google Drive, you also get access to various inbuilt Google’s productivity tools such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Hangouts and what not.

Visit Google Drive: Website


So, if you are a privacy fanatic or just someone who wants to keep his files secured inside an almost secure cloud vault, Tresorit was built keeping you in mind. Tresorit is one such product that can compete with other Dropbox Alternatives, which is so confident of its security features that it has a $50,000 bounty for anyone who can breach its security.

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It has end-to-end encryption with cryptographic key sharing technologies. What this means is that your files are encrypted from the moment you initiate the upload process. When you share a file with someone they cannot see it until you give them a secure password which will act as a key to unlock the encryption.

Visit Tresorit: Website


Dropbox Alternatives

It allows a free version which authorises 5 GB storage option. If you are on a slow network you can specify the amount of bandwidth you want Sync to access leaving the bandwidth you might want to use for other purposes. Like Tresorit, it also uses “Zero-knowledge authentication” making your files secure from even the eyes of the hosts. Also, living true to its name, the sync is incredibly fast. And one of the Best Cloud Storage Services available!

Visit Sync Cloud Storage: Website


pCloud is not a very famous one in the cloud storage world right now but is one of the best providers out there. Being a Swiss company, it focuses on a lot of security features. Apart from security, one of the best features of pCloud is that you don’t have to manage a separate folder on your device, it can sync anything and everything present on your device. This makes pCloud unique as it doesn’t take any space on your computer.

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pCloud boasts of serving the top industry leaders such as CocaCola, Pepsi, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Uber among others.

Visit pCloud: Website


Microsoft’s OneDrive gives the closest competition to Dropbox and Google Drive. Same as Google Drive, it also has a free version which gives you access to 15 GB of storage. One Drive pricing plans are also very flexible, allowing you to choose the plan which suits your needs.

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Maybe the biggest advantage of using OneDrive is that when you opt to become a paid member you get access to the whole Office suite at no additional cost. One of the features is that its inbuilt OneNote support, which is one of the best note-taking apps out there. You can create a list, write quick notes, and scan the documents and what not.

Visit OneDrive: Website


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Collaboration and sharing of files are inbuilt, allowing multiple people to access and work on the same files. The free trial version only provides 5 GB of storage and you have to go Pro if you want to fully utilize it. One unique feature here is that you can choose your cloud hosting service here. It also supports Zero-knowledge privacy along with encrypted link sharing.

Visit Sugar Sync: Website


There are only two plans, either you can use the free version, which gives you access to meager 5GB of data or you can go for the paid plans, which give you unlimited storage. Being a Norwegian company, it prides itself in providing unlimited storage. This one is best for someone who doesn’t want to deal with tier pricing. You subscribe once and you have access to unlimited storage and all the tools that come with it.

Jottacloud dropbox alternatives

The service also provides extra functions like syncing and backing up of all your photos. You do not have to create any extra folder, the Jottacloud Photos will automatically sync each and every photo present on your device it.

Visit Jotta Cloud: Website


One thing SpiderOak excels at is giving users a more granular control over the settings and preferences. However, this also makes this app a little more complex. SpiderOak is part of a new trend of zero knowledge cloud storage providers. The website claims that after installing the client your data is encrypted before syncing. It has all the usual security features which we have discussed earlier including end-to-end encryption and Zero-knowledge service. It also focuses more on enterprise solutions and hence it is also priced on a higher side.

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Still, the service till now has lived up to its claims, and you can use the basic version for free to check it out. This is one of the Top Dropbox Alternatives that better all sort of features and works better than Dropbox.

Visit Spider Oak: Website


TeamDrive is another good Dropbox alternatives, providing 5 GB of storage and you have to go Pro if you want to fully utilize it. Your files are secured using the state of the art 256-AES algorithm. It also supports Zero-knowledge privacy along with encrypted link sharing.

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One unique feature here is that you can choose your cloud hosting service here. You can either go for their own secure cloud or you can set up your own servers. Collaboration and sharing of files are inbuilt allowing multiple people to access and work on the same files.

Visit Team Drive: Website


If you want to back up your iPhone to iCloud, you’ll need more than the free 5GB allowance Apple gives you but compared to rivals iCloud prices are very reasonable. We also shared how to Unlock iCloud on iPhone devices!

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The Mac Finder app integrates iCloud Drive, where you can store any files you wish. Documents created in the iWork office suite are also saved to iCloud and can sync across your devices. Windows users can also sync their files with iCloud Drive using the official client, and access the iWork apps on the iCloud website.

Visit iCloud: Website

Also, we recommend trying out these cloud storage, which delivers the best cloud service and offers free storage too! They are the best alternatives of Dropbox!

10 Best Cloud Storage Services with Great Privacy

Are these the Best Dropbox Alternatives?

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