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How to Dual Boot Nokia X/XL Using Dual Boot Patcher


Today, we are going to show you how to dual boot in your Nokia X/XL using an application named Dual Boot Patcher. This is another method than the one we showed before. Earlier we taught a way to Dual Boot any Android device. Today learn How to Dual Boot Nokia X/XL Using Dual Boot Patcher. Let us head into our guide now.

This method is devised by a senior XDA member named yshalsager. The Dual Boot Patcher is stable and you can now install it on your phone and enjoy the multi-ROM support. If you love a variety of ROMs and can’t choose between a few, you can use this method to have dual ROMs at the same time in one device.

What is Dual Boot?

How to Dual Boot Nokia X/XL Using Dual Boot Patcher

Dual Boot does sound exciting and if you are hearing about this for the first time, then its no problem. PC enthusiasts used to run multiple OSes on their computers to gain the features from all those OSes in a single system. They can switch from one to another just by rebooting their PC. They mostly used a program named GRUB for this. For Android, there are a few apps. We saw MultiROM before. Now for this specific device, we are using Dual Boot Patcher.


Rooting or flashing Custom ROMs will void your warranty and can brick your device if done wrong. Keep that in mind and do it at your own risk even if you are following this guide. We are not responsible for any damage that might happen to your device in this process. This guide is written carefully detailing all necessary steps and by following it you agree that you understand these risks.


  • This method is only for Nokia X or XL smartphone. Do not try it on any other smartphones.
  • Your device must be rooted and custom recovery installed.
  • You must re-partition storage to (1GB System + 2GB Data) – XDA guide
  • Perform a backup of your device before proceeding.
  • Your device must run on Android 4.4 or higher.
  • Try at your OWN RISK!


DualBootPatcher – Link

Steps to Dual Boot Nokia X/XL Using Dual Boot Patcher

  • Go to root directory using a file explorer and find build.prop. Change the value of ro.product.device to “normandy”.
  • Download the app from the link and install it.
  • Open the installed and swipe right to and click ROMS.
  • Go to ROM settings and select Update Ramdisk. It will do so and asks you to reboot. Reboot it.
  • Now, download the ROM you like to have and open the app again.
  • Open Patch Zip File. Make sure Device is set to “normandy” and Partition configuration is set secondary.
  • Select the patched file and swipe it from the queue to start patching.
  • Wait till it is done. Then click Flash zip files and add the patched file.
  • Flash it with the button on the upper right corner.
  • The process will start. After completion, a green success message will show up.
  • You can now see the new ROM installed with the old (Primary) ROM.
  • Reboot now and wait till the second ROM completes the first boot.
  • In Android 4.4+ systems, you can switch ROMs by using the DualBootPatcher app.

That’s it from us here. Hope you found this trick useful. If you have any questions, comment them below. Share this with your friends if you’ve liked the guide to Dual Boot Nokia X/XL Using Dual Boot Patcher.

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