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EaseUS Disk Copy Pro Review 2019

EaseUS Disk Copy Pro Review 2019

We are still in the days of technology development and the time for high-end tech things all around us is going to take a little time. Till then, we have to resort to regular up gradations of our Operating System to keep it running smoothly. Also, we need to upgrade our hard disks whenever we run out of space!

It doesn’t matter how much advanced your system is, like we said we are still in the days of development so till then we may come across risky situations of data loss. To deal with any kind of loss of files or data, we have to stick to disk cloning software.

What is disk-cloning software?

We won’t confuse you and try to explain the thing and its requirement in as brief as possible. Disk cloning is basically the process of creating an uncompressed copy of your main hard drive to some another hard drive. This procedure could be used as a backup to deal with data loss situations. The cloning software will install everything right from your apps to the system settings on the new hard drive.

Many people get confused between Disk Imaging and Disk Cloning. They both revolve around the same concept but are totally different terms. Disk Imaging is creating the backup of data on an Image whereas cloning is directly creating a photocopy of the data on another hard drive. If you would like to perform disk imaging, then you can try out other similar programs of the company

Backup Your Data To Drives With This Program:

The software we are going to review in this article is EaseUS Disk Copy Pro. It’s basically disk cloning or partition software that will create an exact replica of your hard drive on a new location.

If you want to clone, move, or copy data from one small drive to another bigger one, everything can be achieved with this program. EaseUS Software always comes with more than they say! Similarly, in this one you can also create a backup of the lost or deleted files as the program can also act as recovery software.

Features Of The Program:

1) Disk Cloning

Easily copy all your essential data from one hard drive to another hard drive using this splendid software. It allows you to perform the cloning in sector level also.

2) Simple & Straightforward UI

The software is not at all complicated to use for anyone! If you are starting out for the first time, then within few minutes, you are going to get started, thanks to the simple and user-friendly interface.

3) Burn To Disk

If you want you can use the burn to disk option to create a Bootable CD, DVD or USB drive for the copy of data from the main hard drive.

4) 1TB Support

No matter what size of hard drive you have, the software can easily deal with sizes of upto 1TB hard drive.


The EaseUS Disk Copy Pro comes in three variants, 1 Year Subscription, 2 Year Subscription and Lifetime Upgrades whose rates are $19.90, $29.90, and $59.90 respectively. In these subscriptions, you will get free technical service, 30 day money back guarantee and free upgrades (as per the time limit of the options).


We hope that this program will help you to save your important data to avoid any kind of data loss. The software went with testing on different sizes of hard drives and in every test it was able to deliver 100% result.