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Employee scheduling software

Employee scheduling software

Where office work is concerned, it would be your topmost priority to make sure that everything would be completed on time. This is because a lot of things remain at stake if work would not be completed in a timely manner. In order to ensure that all the assigned tasks would be completed, tracking would be important. Long gone are the days when you would do this in a manual manner. Thanks to the existence of employee scheduling software, you would find your life to become much easier. So, if you would be looking for the top-rated software that you would be able to find, take a look at our top picks. We have handpicked each one of them based on a particular purpose that they would be able to serve.


This software would popularly be touted as a leave management application. In other words, it would help to plan the leave of your team members, calculate their leave balances, and also keep detailed records about their leave history. It has been designed in such a manner that the entire absence management process would be streamlined throughout the company. Starting from requesting a leave of absence, getting the request approved, and then balancing the remaining amount – all of these would be done without encountering any sort of hiccups. Other than that, you would also be able to find an advanced reporting functionality. This would allow managers to conduct reports on past leaves, leave balances and times, and also work out the history of leave of every employee.

Hot Schedules

Another employee scheduling software that you would be able to try out would be Hot Schedules. Just like the name would be bound to grab your attention and interest, you would also be satisfied with the performance and satisfaction that it would be able to provide you with. This would be an online scheduling application that would allow the teams to work on the basis of shifts. Since the whole scheduling process would be automated, it would definitely help in saving the time of employees and managers. As for the clients, they would also be able to take part in it by creating, communicating, and managing work schedules. Not only that, but this could also help to enjoy savings in labor costs and forecast capabilities for the future.


Termed to be one of the most popular solutions that you would be able to find out there, there would not be anything more that you could ask from an employee scheduling software. This is because Humanity would offer you with staff and time clock management features. It would also help you to communicate schedule information and organize shifts so that all of this would be done easily and quickly. HR and payroll features could also be included. Other than the desktop software, you would also be able to find a mobile application. This would be suitable for employees who would always be on the go.

Snap Schedule

scheduling software

According to the experts, this software would be termed to be like Excel, but with more power. This is because when you would open up the software, you would find the basic interface to resemble that of Excel. However, when you would delve deeper in to it, you would be able to find the special features for publishing and schedule planning. Thanks to this software, you would be able to plan workloads, create and designate shifts, and also control overtime hours. With the help of this, managers would be able to create a shift management process that would be mindful, would help in reducing labor costs, prevent overtime that would come unexpectedly, and also collect data for payroll.


This employee scheduling software would combine absence management and planning features. This would mean that it would help managers to manage their work shift while also keeping potential conflicts at bay regarding work schedule and timings of employees. The tool would allow them to copy schedules and shifts between days. Recurring shifts could also be created so that the mistake of repeated entries would not be made. Another bonus would be a mobile application. This would allow managers to stay aboard all the happenings in the workplace and would also give them an opportunity to communicate from anywhere.

Thus, that would be all where employee scheduling software is concerned. We hope this would be helpful for you in making the right decision.


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