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How To Copy Entire Folders in Google Drive


Now in this article, I’m gonna show you how to copy and entire folder to another folder in the google drive . Google Drive, which was launched almost 4 to 5 years back which was own by Google Company. Google Drive allow you to store your data, files online via their storage. So you can say that it is your personal online vault to stores files and documents.

There are many other software’s, and apps are available but Google Drive given you the full functionality to your hand, so you can easily manage your files within your browser in a single account. Easily moving your data from one folder to other folder, filling the folders with different beautiful colors and much more in it.

How To Copy Entire Folders in Google Drive

But the most important feature which Google Drive not include, is that it cannot allow you to directly move or copy your entire folder to another folder. You can copying files from different locations and copied them to different locations, but don’t do that with folders.

For solving this problem, here is the complete solution for you to how to copy folder to another folder  in Google Drive by simply using simple scripts which will automatically copied all your folders to the other folder.

Here is the very powerful and awesome web app which is free of cost you can easily use them. It is the best for you, which is developed by Labnol, which is a great website for Google and other Apps Scripts and tips and tricks.

How to Entire Folders Copy in Google Drive App

How To Copy Entire Folders in Google Drive

Step 1 – First of go to the labnol.org/xcopy and clicking on the Authorize button.

Step 2 – App will want to allow him to access your Google Drive account, you can simply allow them. This app will automatically copy the files from your account without any other third party.

Step 3 – When once it is authorized, you can simple select your folder which you want to copy them using Google Files picker and selecting the folder where you want to copy them.

Step 4 – Simply click the copy folder button and process will start.

Now you’ve done all the work , so that’s it ! The script will be running on the back-end. This app will automatically copying your all files and copied them to the destination folder. Hope you will understand. If any question you’ve, then feel free to comment below, and if you’ve any experience, then share here with our readers . Thanks ! ! !