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How to Use Facebook Hashtags to Increase Your Website Traffic

Facebook Hashtags may be the best things on Facebook to get a huge amount of traffic to your website or blogs. Almost every Facebook users may be known about it but no one has a clear idea about Hashtags.
image: Use Facebook Hashtags to Increase Your Website Traffic
How to use Facebook Hashtags to Increase Website Traffic

The hashtag is a very important technique in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SMO (Social Media Optimization). All popular social media sites use these hashtags that help people to find some particular topic and related information.

Many times on Facebook, you see that people use Hashtags while sharing their posts, or updating their status. It will help you to increase your visitors and traffic to your Facebook posts as well as your website.

Before I tell you how to properly use Facebook Hashtags to increase your website traffic, first of all, you must know and clear your mind about this thing.

What is Facebook Hashtag?

Facebook users widely used Hashtags when they published their posts. When people add hashtags in their posts description, it will the plane text turn into clickable links that help you to boost your traffic.

When people click on that link, they will be automatically go to hashtag feeds where all posts are visible to everyone. Hashtags help the readers to find out some specific topic easily.

Why We Use Facebook Hashtags?

Facebook Hashtags used for finding specific topic according to your taste and interest. This is used to categories conversations and all specific things, sharing on Facebook. We can use hashtags on Facebook for many reasons like:

  • It helps to boost your website traffic.
  • People easily find you via Hashtags.
  • It helps people to search out specific contents on Facebook feed.
  • We can check out all things directly without going to particular page/profile.

How Write Facebook Hashtags Properly & How it Works?

Facebook users often use the hashtag to their posts to reach their specific contents directly. Like many other social media sites (Twitter, Google+) etc, users use Hashtags for defining their posts to some particular category. While writing and adding hashtags to their posts keep something in mind and then publish your posts.

  • Use single word to write hashtag.
  • Don’t use space between words in hashtags.
  • You can also use numeric digits in hashtags, but not use special characters because hashtag doesn’t support special characters.
  • Always write relevant words in hashtags and don’t be a spammer.

How do Hashtags work on Facebook?

Facebook developers use some algorithms to manage hashtag feeds on Facebook to display the most relevant contents to their users.

If I want to share posts on “SEO Tips” on my profile, then I write some description texts and add any relevant image. I use a hashtag like #SEO Tips, now SEO becomes a clickable link that helps users to go SEO related news feeds where our posts also visible.

I also use #SEOTips together without any space, now this tag doesn’t mean to display only in SEO Tips related feeds, but it also appears in SEO too. So in this way, Facebook hashtags works and more people will see your posts. So in this way, you’ll increase your website traffic.

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How to Use Facebook Hashtags to Increase Website Traffic

Now, this is the main area of this post, where I tell you how to properly use hashtags on Facebook to getting more organic traffic to your website and increase your leads, sales and commissions.

Step 1 – First of all Sign into your Facebook profile and go to your Facebook page.

Step 2 – Now write some description texts.

E.g: I want to share a post on Blogging Tips & Tricks related, then I’ll write here,

  “Best Blogging Tips That Helps Your To Become a Successful Blogger”.

Step 3 – If you want to share any link, then share it below the descriptive text.

Step 4 – Facebook automatically collect image if available to the links destination. But if the image does not exist, then upload a relevant image.

Step 5 – Tag some people who are more relevant and interesting to your post.

Step 6 – Now convert relevant words in your text into hashtags by using Hash Symbol ( # ) and make it a clickable link. e.g:

#Blogging Tips to become a successful blogger

Step 7 – You can also use two or more hashtags, or if you want to write two words within single hashtag then it also not bad.

#Blogging #Tips to become a #Successful #blogger


#BloggingTips to become a #Successfulblogger

So in this way you can easily use the hashtag on Facebook profile or page and getting more visitors to your posts.

This is a really very easy way to use Hashtag and it will help people to bring a huge amount of website traffic. But don’t SPAM with hashtags. If you do so, then the Facebook team will be blacklist to you and at the end suspend your account.

So always doing a great job with the hashtag and make it naturally. I hope this post helps you to increase your website traffic via Facebook and increase your Facebook fans too.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for more!