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FarmVille tips and tricks to level up

FarmVille tips and tricks to level up

FarmVille is a Facebook application that is played with Facebook friends, and is highly addictive. The game can start out slowly, so by putting a few of these tips in action, the farm, experience points (XP) and moola will grow quickly and make the experience more rewarding.

To begin playing the game, do a Facebook search for FarmVille, and then click the FarmVille link to go to the fan page. Once there, become a fan to get hooked up with upcoming information. Next, click the “go to application” button. Make sure to bookmark FarmVille when requested by the application, as the bookmark provides easy access to the game from the lower Facebook bar.

The next order of business is to create your farmer and get settled on the land. Go to “My Neighbors” by using the tab, and a list of Facebook friends should appear. Add as many friends as possible and then as a nice gesture, send them gifts. Once the friendship is accepted, their photo will appear at the bottom of the farm. Sending gifts to friends should be performed daily. Active friends will return the favor, and add to the wealth and prosperity of the farm by giving gifts that can either be used or sold for coin. All gifts will arrive in the gift box in the lower right corner of the page.

The Facebook FarmVille Newsfeed

Rewards are given by friends as they reach an accomplishment such as leveling up, hatching eggs or for earning ribbons. When that reward or accomplishment posts to the feed, quickly click the bonus link from the friend to enjoy a special reward. The easiest way to keep track of the postings is to click the “more” link to the left of the news feed and search for FarmVille. One click will change the newsfeed to only FarmVille postings.

FarmVille Tools and How to Use Them

  • The multi tool will harvest grown plants. Use it to also clear your mouse of other tools.
  • The plow tool is used to plow a plot of land. A green square will hover over the area where seeds are to be planted. Warning: When you click to plow the plot, it is permanent. Plots of land are unable to be moved except by deletion and that will cost money, so be careful when plowing. Always line the plots up in a tight formation to make good use of the land. The more plots that are planted, the greater the return in experience points and money.
  • The red-handled shovel is the delete tool. Use it to remove unwanted plots of land, bales of hay and other objects. Left clicking on most objects will bring up an option box to enable moving it, selling it or storing it. Other objects and animals have additional options which include rotation, stay (to keep it from moving), pet, collect, collect milk (cows), collect eggs (chickens) and brush calf. Collecting and brushing earn money.

FarmVille Farm Chores

All animals and chickens have a “ready point.” The point of harvest shows in the market tab for each individual animal, tree, seed etc. When an animal becomes “ready,” some form of action must be taken. Note the pink bubble above the head of the animal and click it. Choices will appear. In most cases, the correct choice will be to milk the cow or collect eggs from the chickens etc.

The major chore on the farm is to plow, plant and harvest crops. When planting a crop, only choose the ones that are sure to be harvested on time, or there will be a penalty of 15 coins for allowing the plant to die.

Experience Level Cheat and How to Figure What Crops to Plant
Money is important to purchase seeds and to plow and plant them. Experience points enable a player to advance to the next level where more items become available for purchase, larger farm land is an option as well as other valuable rewards. Depending on the goal that has been set, either money or experience points (XP), choose the crop accordingly.

For example, at Christmas time Poinsettias were a limited item, meaning they were only available for a short period of time. They took a day to grow before harvest could take place, they cost 45 coins per plot, added 3 XP points and when sold, earned 126 coins. A great return on the investment. Now compare that to Soybeans which cost 15 coins, harvest in the same amount of time, earn 2 XP points and sell for 63 coins.

For the same coin amount, the Soybeans look like the better deal. For the money that could purchase one plot of Poinsettias, one could purchase three plots of soybeans (15 x 3), six experience points (2 X 3) and sell the crops for 189 coins (63 x 3). The only problem with the calculation is the fact that land is not cheap and it is not plentiful. The farmer would need three times the space, and when the farm is just beginning, the space is often at a premium on such a small farm.

If a farmer has a ton of money and XP points are the goal (or there is very little space), it would be beneficial to increase the XP rating (and thereby increasing the dollar amount on hand), by not waiting for the crop to harvest. In this case, use the soybeans, and plow a handful of available plots. Plant the beans and immediately delete them, and begin again. The plowing earns one XP point and the cost of plowing is 15 coins. The planting earns two XP points with a cost of 15 coins. For every 30 coins spent, three XP points are earned. That is a pretty nice ratio of 10 to one, if money is no object and/or land is scarce.

The thrill of the landowner having mastery over their land, is just one reason why this game has such a powerful appeal. Figuring ways to earn money in a productive way is a challenge, and adds to the excitement. The biggest draw is the healthy competition between friends, and by helping them take care of their farms and by gifting them each day, great rewards are returned to the giver. Enjoy!