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How to Find your Wi-Fi Network Password in Windows


We all use Wi-Fi networks to connect various devices at home and at work. We mostly connect with wi-fi routers which usually requires a password. Often you might forget this password and then you may want to find it again to connect to it. We are here with a trick to find out the forgotten password in Windows. So follow our trick here to Find your Wi-Fi Network Password in Windows.

When using your own Wi-Fi, there are many instances when you forget the password to connect to it. There are many methods to get back from this situation. But today we are going to share a non-destructive method to find that password. Let us save your hassle and time with this way and show you the guide.

How to Find your Wi-Fi Network Password

1. Finding Router Password

  • Routers come with the IP address that can be found usually at the back of the router. Find it and enter it in the URL bar of your browser. It will usually look something like http://192.168.X.X.
  • A page asking username and password will come up. Usually, the username and password for this page are just admin and admin. Sometimes they are nothing, just leave it empty.

  • After you get in, go to Security or Wireless section. The names and order can change according to the manufacturer of the router.
  • When there, you will find a section where the password can be found with something called Security key or something.

  • You can change this password to anything you like. Once you are done, that’s it. You can connect to your network now with this password.

2. Find Current Wi-Fi Password in Windows

  • In Windows 10 and in most other Windows, the OS will remember your password in the Wi-Fi properties. SO you can find it by going to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center.
  • Click the Wi-Fi name there and it will take you to W-Fi Status. Press the Wireless Properties there and a dialog box will open up.

  • There, go to the Security tab. There you will see the Network security key box.

  • Press the “Show characters” check box below it and the password will be shown in the box above.

3. Using Command Prompt to Find the Wi-Fi Key

  • Press Winkey and search for the term “cmd”. When the command prompt shows up, right click it and press Run as administrator.
  • Enter the command shown below.
netsh wlan show profile name="Your SSID here" key=clear
  • Replace the “Your SSID here” with your wi-fi name and press enter.

  • Your password will be shown below the Security settings with the name Key Content.
  • It is read-only and you can’t edit it here like you can in the Control Panel.

That’s it from us here. We have shown you few ways to find your current Wi-Fi password and even change it. We hope you found our guide to Find your Wi-Fi Network Password in Windows useful. Share this article if you liked it and comment your queries and thoughts below. Stay tuned for more updates!