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How to Fix Bricked Dead Android Phone by Flashing Stock ROMs

How to Fix Bricked Dead Android Phone by Flashing Stock ROMs

It would be so annoying to have your phone bricked while flashing custom ROMs. If you’re unlucky, you could get your phone to the dead condition. It happens probably due to interruptions during flashing of any ROM or maybe flashing wrong ROMs. In this guide, we will show you how to Repair or Fix Bricked Dead Android Phone just by flashing any custom ROMs or Official Stock Firmware with simple steps.

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A bricked device will behave like any of these: In bootloop – stuck in the boot animation forever, it won’t turn on at all when the Power button is pressed, it won’t charge up or it can’t even start recovery mode. So How to Fix Dead Android Phone? How to Fix Dead Mobiles?

Fix Bricked Dead Android Phone

Fix Bricked Dead Android Phone

We will be fixing this problem using Android recovery mode and Smartphone Flash Tool for Mediatek specific devices. You can simply follow the instructions below for unbricking your Android phone or bringing it back to life.


  • A Windows PC or Laptop.
  • USB data cable.
  • TWRP or clockwork recovery.
  • Android Stock ROM from the manufacturer’s official website.


The file you will need to fix/repair bricked dead Android phone.

  • SP Flash Tool – Link
  • Download Official Stock ROM for your device – Link
  • USB Drivers (For Mediatek) – Link

Steps to Fix/Repair Bricked Dead Android Phone

Just follow the steps below to fix your dead phone and bring it back to life.

Fix Bricked Android Phone

  • For any bricked phone, you can fix them by flashing it with the Official Stock ROM.
  • To do that, you have to get the official stock ROM file first. It is available mostly at the manufacturer website. So go give it a try.
  • After downloading the stock ROM, you can load into the recovery mode on your bricked phone by pressing Home + Volume Up + Power keys, all at once.
  • Select the downloaded zip file (stock ROM) and flash it.
  • If the flash is successful, your phone will get back to normal in the next boot.

Fix Dead Android Phone (MTK Android)

  • Download and Install the files provided before in your Windows PC or laptop.
  • Launch the Flash_tool.exe program.
  • You have to download the official stock ROM from the manufacturer’s website. Unzip the zip file that you get.
  • In SP Flash tool, you have a drop down list and it has options like MOTA SIU, Format All + Download, Firmware Upgrade.
  • MOTA SIU option just updates the boot, recovery and Android and does not affect the memory. The Firmware Update option is used while updating the OS when the version you are installing is higher than the current OS version.
  • The Format All + Download option is recommended for flashing a dead or bricked phone like in this case.
  • Select the downloaded firmware in the Scatter-Loading in the Flash tool.
  • Press Download and connect the phone to PC with the USB cable by pressing Volume down key.
  • The flashing will start now and a yellow progress bar will appear at the bottom.
  • Download OK message will pop up once it is completed, your phone will get back to normal, running the official stock ROM.

That is all from us. Hope this guide helped you to Fix Bricked Dead Android Phone of yours. Share if you think this guide could help others and comment below if you have any doubts.

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