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Top 10 Free Backup Software for Windows

Best Free Backup Software

With the new generation and the need to keep their documents to themselves, regular backups are an essential part of the PC and nobody likes the time to back up their system. No one wants to risk losing their data and so there’s the option of backup data software. Here’s a list of top 10 free backup software that is essential to the users’ lives:

Top 10 free backup software for Windows

EASUS Todo Backup

It is one of the most quality-rich backup beneficial on windows and once used for a time, it’s not as complicated as one thinks. The backing up of files comes in three various levels i.e. full, differential and incremental that come really handy when the worst comes to pass. This software acknowledges the users to schedule and perform backups by default. Additionally, it carries outs a full backup every week and differential backups at every half an hour if it detects any change in the system. It also allows the encryption of the full system that is easily compressible on a high level as it will occupy less space.

Comodo Backup

One of the best free backup solutions that are available in the market for home users because of its features and options. It allows copying of the documents and media files, registry entries, e-mails, etc including the system drive. It also offers 90-day free cloud storage for up to 10 GB of data. One can also use local storage devices like hard drives, DVD, FTP servers, etc. This particular software contains some scheduling options that allow one to run the backup at specific intervals or manually whenever one feel like. This is one of the best Free Backup Software available for Windows platform.

AOMEI Back upper Standard

Another great backup software for Windows that features what one would expect in a free backup program is AOMEI back upper standard. One can copy the files, folders and entire partitions either manually or at scheduled intervals. It offers incremental and differential backups and also provides password protection and full encryption that contains the ability to scale up a backed-up image to explore the image.

Paragon Backup and Recovery

This program allows the users to save the backed-up images in a number of different formats. Unlike the most of the other options of this list, this one can compress the images and split them up into smaller fragments to save the disk space and also remove certain types of files from the backup. Paragon doesn’t lack in terms of its features but comes with a fairly large installer.

Genie Timeline Free

One of the most user-friendly interfaces, this can back up files and folders to a network drive and also can choose to backup to a local disk. It allows one to exclude the types of files that one doesn’t want to back up and can manually edit them from the backup list. Even though this misses out some of the standard features in the free version, it contains some of the standard features of this free backup version. This is one of the best Free Backup Software for Windows OS.

Free Easis Drive Cloning

This program features the user-friendliness that comes with three options when one opens the program i.e. creating the image, restoring it and the clone drives. It’s a simplistic program that backs up not only the sectors of actual data but also the free sectors of the disk. It backs up a 250 GB partition with just 10 GB data actually provides a 250 GB image file.

It doesn’t feature the compressing of the images into smaller files.

Personal Backup

If one wants a data backup, then they should look at Personal backup that backs up the local disk data, a network device and external device. One can choose from any one of the backups i.e. full, differential or incremental and also encrypts the data for privacy and compresses it to save disk space. One can either backup the data manually or schedule automatic backups on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. It doesn’t offer imaging nor does it come with the easy-to-operate GUI for daily users.

It also offers a comprehensive set of features and also, it’s a donation ware and doesn’t have a better version.


Crashplan offers a free option that works better for a home user. It can backup data to either an internal or external drive or to multiple offsite locations to hedge the bets against natural disasters. It offers unlimited cloud storage. The free version offers to automate daily backups and the data centres use the “Enterprise-class Hardware and military-grade security” for cooling, power redundancy and fire protection.

Veeam Agent

Veeam is commonly known for its enterprise solutions. Originally, it was released a few years ago as Veeam Endpoint Backup Free. The company offers unique features like the delivery of the backup and recovers it for the Window-based laptops and desktops. It supports Windows 10 and the server 2016 but doesn’t officially support any system older than Windows 7 or Windows server 2008.

It allows one to backup the data to the magnetic tapes and also allows the users to migrate between the hosts. It can create a full backup of VMs and restore everything. This one is a good choice for the ones looking for backup software. No doubt, this is a Best Free Backup Software for your system.

HDClone Free

It offers a free edition but is kind of handicapped in terms of its features compared to the other versions. This software enables one to back up the entire drives but cannot compress or encrypt the data in the free version. It isn’t the most feature-filled one on the list but does have some good points for being simple and easy-to-use.


The content contains the various types of software that are available with their free versions and are user-friendly for the mainstream users. It contains some of the best free backup software like Comodo backup, personal backup, etc. It concedes the readers with them important information that is useful for them and helps them choose what they need. Each software in this list is available with a free version and some of them are also available in paid versions. The free versions also contain the best features of the software.

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