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Gaming technology and Predictions in 2020

Gaming technology and Predictions in 2020

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The advancement in technology has been fast rising in the last couple of years. The gaming field is vast and covers a broad scope. You will find anything from eSports, Fortnite to online poker, and hundreds of others. It is an exceptional industry with ageless game titles. Developers are working round the clock to reinvent the existing games while inventing new ones.

In the present world, what may be trending today may not be as popular in a few weeks. Gamers are always in anticipation of the next big thing and wondering what the next new game has to offer. Therefore, the better the game, the greater the experience.

Virtual and Augmented Reality are booming in the world of gaming. Both add new levels of involvement and fun to the action. Gamers seek to get engrossed in the chain of events and feel as if they are in the game. That gives them a great experience and changes the gaming scene entirely. 

The gaming field growth in regards to experience is highly dependent on the internet. The sector depends highly on internet speeds and reliable internet connections. Thus, the 5G rollout was an ultimate game-changer. It was eccentric news for gamers and the gaming field. With 5G, the experience in Virtual Reality is a smooth one. By September 2019, countries five countries were leading the contest for 5G development and trials. These were China, The United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, and The United States.

We are living in an age of streaming. From movies to music with sites such a Netflix and YouTube. 5G works very well for video watching and certainly for gaming. Gamers wish to have the ability to play whichever game they want on-demand and from anywhere at any time. 5G fulfills all these wishes.

Gone are the days of playing Snakes on our Nokia phones. Technology advancements in the cellphone industry have made gaming very convenient for gamers. A good smartphone and fast internet speeds are every video game nerd’s dream. More people are turning to mobile games and leaving behind PCs and consoles to game while on the move. 

There is a high craving for game accessibility by gamers. For that reason, the mobile gaming unit is rising to the occasion in the gaming field. It holds a substantial percentage of the entire gaming field. Despite the many limitations, such as memory limits and limited device storage, the mobile gaming field is doing quite well. Developers have found ways of making games location-based. That means you can play games on your phone in ways that you cannot on your PC or console. 

Nintendo developed a feature that they distributed worldwide some years back called the Nintendo Switch. This hybrid console allows gamers to use it as a home-based console or as a mobile device. Thus, you can play your games at the comfort of your home or while on the move. The console consists of a dock that you can connect to your television and detachable Joy-Con game pads that enables you to have a shared and play with your friends.

Switch Lite is also another popular console among gamers. But unlike Nintendo, Switch Lite does not have Joy-Con game pads. You can only use it in handheld mode. If you are looking for a cheaper option, however, Switch Lite console is perfect for you. One thing is for sure, the success of the handheld field has captured the attention of manufacturers in the gaming field.


As technology progresses, everything else has to move along with it. The gaming field is part of this move. The opportunities are limitless with endless possibilities. With every year that passes, the addition of new features continues. Gaming keeps getting bigger and bigger with time as the gaming expertise behind it expands. What we may perceive to be the greatest invention in gaming technology today is not the peak. Bigger things are yet to come, and gamers cannot wait for it.