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Get a Temporary Tech Tattoo to Monitor Your Health


In this age the technology can grow up day by day and every new day many new things and are created and developed. Until now we were only aware of technology wearable on your wrist which perform a plethra functions. Here are show you the new and temporary technology tattoo which can monitor your health state. Little did we know about the world is evolving at such rapid pace and little technology companies can revolutionizing the way which we live.

Get a Temporary Tech Tattoo to Monitor Your Health

Chaotic Moon Studio’s , which is a technology startup , has been designed a temporary tattoo that can exactly the same thing as that of the checking and monitor your health. While it is not as advanced as we are, bu it definitely gives you basic information about the much thing related to your health, such as Heart rate, Stress Levels, Blood Pressure, and Body Temperature. Its name is ” Tech Tats “. It is the tattoo consists of LED (Light Emitted Diode) lights, and a micro-controller and conductive inks to create the whole circuit.

Watch out this video that tells more about Tech Tats

While they look like only a simple tattoo, the main purpose of it is still for the best benefits of the user for a short moment of time. Such type of creations are only be the stepping stones to invent more bigger by surpassing little challenges. The data from the tattoo can be transmitted into a digital device to view out the body vitals and review them.

What would be Developed in Future ?

At only a moment, these type of temporary tattoo’s are in testing phase and we might out the have a wait for some more time to actually use one, but there can be plenty of possibilities of usage of this device.
I’m also see the many smart and best uses in hospitals and nursing homes in Pakistan to monitor a patients health within minutes without having to go through the whole protocol. Patients can enter the hospital, get out the Tech Tats on their body till the time that wait for their appointment and save a lot of the time by these.
Having a waterproof tattoo will also be helpful during workouts or health regimes to calculate the daily intake of calories and calories burnt. This can be boost for a lot of the fitness freaks also and create an overall healthy environment everywhere. The these types of tattoo’s need to be recycled so as to be environment friendly, a very important need of today life.
There are also quite a few other startups which are working out the towards the same type of goal of making wearable tech smaller and little and more temporary as soon as possible. This doesn’t add unneccessary inconvenience for the users and can only be used when needed.