Home News Is Google Pixel 2’s Concept is Inspired by LG G6?

Is Google Pixel 2’s Concept is Inspired by LG G6?

Is GOOGLE Pixel 2's Concept is Inspired by LG G6?

Recently some of the Concept of Google Pixel 2 Renders on Social media when a Reddit User was sharing Some Mockups of Upcoming Google Pixel 2. According to them, it is said that PH-1 and LG G6 inspires both of the new Flagship Smartphone. Even according to a Recent influence, It is Indicated that At least one of the Next Generation Google’s Pixel Device will be Manufactured by the LG Electronics.

According to the Author, South Korean Original Equipment Manufacturer Are working on Google Pixel 2; They Secretly Named It “Taimen.” The Author Provides some cues of Companie’s latest Flagship as It will going to Include A Full Vision Display Panel with a Ratio of 18:9 and Rounded Screen Corners as well as A Nearly Bezel-free front.

According to the Concept handset, The Top and Bottom Bezels are not Identical, But the Bottom one will be Thinner than others. Same Like Original Pixel and Pixel XL, This Smartphone will be Lack with Physical Home Button, and There will be On Screen Keys.

From the Back Side, The Smartphone Boasts with a Dual Camera which is Horizontally Arranged with Couple of Dual Tone Flash LED Lights. The smartphone comes with a Fingerprint Sensor on the Back side, Above the Google’s “G” Logo.

There are also so many Recent Rumors, That Indicates that New Flagship may Come with the Same Concept and Similar Features of LG G6. As It is not good to hear that the Tech Giant is Inspired to Launch its Couple of Devices by Andy Rubin’s PH-1.

Apart of It, A Recent Rumors that a Seoul-based Smartphone Manufacturer Company is manufacturing More than 1 Next Generation Pixel Devices.

Another Rumor comes 10 Days Before that Next Flagship Smartphone will come with a 1.95:1 Aspect Ratio which is Similar to LG’s High-End Devices, That’s why this rumor gets more hype that LG G6 inspires upcoming Flagship Smartphones.