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Best Way to Rip DVD: Handbrake VS WinX DVD Ripper [find Giveaway link]

Handbrake VS WinX DVD Ripper

You may have spent years making a good collection of your favorite movies, documentaries, TV shows and important events to watch whenever you wish to and consider those as a lifelong companion, but there’s problem in storing the quality over years and decades. At this point you may wish to definitely secure the collection and also to make easy to watch across devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets apart from televisions.

You don’t need to worry in this advanced age of technology. You can easily back-up the hard copies before these get damaged and you lose the content forever.

Ripping the DVDs is the perfect answer to secure you favorites, but before you head towards it you need to get the right and reliable software to do the job. There are several available in the market but the choice needs to be yours whether you want the converted result as best quality version of the original or simply a sub-standard copy, losing some of the original quality.

Make sure you don’t opt for cheap software like Handbrake. Also, don’t go for outdated version of the software. Always prefer the best in the market and the latest in the version. One best example is WinX [free] DVD Ripper from the stable of Digiarty Software. Here you get a whole lot more than what you expect the software and interface to do.

Handbrake vs WinX DVD Ripper

WinX DVD Ripper has greater advantage over Handbrake like it can rip discs at full hardware accelerated speed and offer lower file size as a result. The quality is superior, maintaining 98 percent quality, compared to the other one and takes just a half minute at 355 frames per second. Handbrake takes more than eleven minutes to rip and is limited to 297 frames per second. It is capable of retaining just 70 percent of the quality.

WinX leaves a 1.24GB file and does not require extra plugins to run while Handbrake’s result file is a massive 6GB. WinX offers more than 210 file types while the rival’s output is just MP4, MKV and M4V.

Killer features of WinX DVD Ripper

Killer features of WinX DVD Ripper

The word ‘reliable’ is synonymous to the feature-rich DVD software WinX DVD Ripper. It is fast and easily helps in digitizing discs. One can transform massive disc libraries into several secure, manageable and easily accessible digital catalogs of various files of images, videos, movies and more which can be easily shared, edited, archived and effortlessly stored.

How to rip with Handbrake

After downloading and installing the Handbrake rips DVD. If the disc is copyright protected, it won’t be able to bypass it. If allowed to create a copy for personal use, just download and install the libdvdcss.

How to rip with WinX DVD Ripper

A computer with a DVD drive and WinX DVD Ripper software is just required to rip a DVD with WinX DVD Ripper. If the machine is powerful, the process of ripping is simple.

First, load the DVD that is to be ripped into the drive and thereafter open the WinX DVD Ripper application.

Next, follow the below three steps:

Select the Disc option. It would be somewhere on the top left of WinX Homepage. The ISO images and DVD video folder too could be loaded.

Select output profile that is to be created like ISO image, iTunes, iPhone, Huawei, MP4 and more.

Now, hit the Run icon and the ripping process will start.

There are more features. Just head to the Output Settings and opt for cropping, bit rate, codec type, aspect ratio and more.

Just note that if you want to run at maximum hardware potential for faster result, you need to enable CPU Core Use or else the Hardware Accelerator box. Once done select Use High Quality Engine or Deinterlacing to get the highest quality.


Keeping previous DVD protected from physical damage is utmost important thing to do if you want to store your golden collection of movies, TV shows, images and other important files.

WinX DVD Ripper is the perfect solution to it. It is excellent in converting disc to digital. It helps clearing up shelves for space saving and to easily stream play on multiple devices including tablet and smartphone.

Developed by Digiarty, the WinX DVD Ripper has constantly improved over the years offering wide support to different formats. It accepts various DVD sources, virtually all types as input including scratched ones. It supports ISO image and VIDEO’TS folder F too. Check out their DVD ripper giveaway too.


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