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How it is Really Like Living With a Smartwatch – Techora

I’m always avoided to buying a famous smartwatch because i’m not want to another gadget adding into my life. I am a open minded man, so for those of you who did not used it one’s, here’s what it is the living with a smartwatch is like.

How it is Really Like Living With a Smartwatch

Smartwatch Features 

I’m also shocked to see the result of how actually i walk on a single day. Because you like to taking in stairs, i’m also walking on road and many other places as i can and also even walk in my leisure time always. All of despite this, my smartwatch is the real partner for me. This was so awesome and useful insight, but i’m not sure to continually monitor my health activity, just knowing i need to increase my activity may be enough.

With the smartwatch, i’m also monitor my heart rate frequency , which is the awesome feature of smartwatch. I’m also checkout my calories burnt in a every single day so it is the good health partner as you can also say that ” You Own Doctor ” .

How it is Really Like Living With a Smartwatch

Smartwatch has a full featured gadget and there are too many features so every one don’t understand this easily. I’m also tried out the all features of this watch and interested even a few that i was not immediately drawn to. I’m also see that many of the features are so redundant, either ended up using them on my smartphone as well.

Many features i don’t understand out, like i want video calling but don’t understand this, so i like to prefer PC’s or Desktop Skype Calling, similarly , if i want to add or installed any Amazon or Play Store app, then it is not good. It has a awesome alarm clock functions but i don’t like this, because i’m using my smartphone alarm clock to wake up me earlier.

Overall, it was so handy, and especially because i have never enjoyed using my phone for navigation while walking any where all around, i find it too disorientating gadget. An also remember that, some people also report that the watch was not just an expensive digital watch like other watch.

So these are the some feature about smart app, and review about the smartwatch, i you like then using it and trying it, and make your life more digital.