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How to Create a Quality Website for a Hotel

Create a Quality Website for a Hotel

Let’s assume you own the most luxurious hotel with the presence of alluring attributes that would not leave any guest feeling indifferent. Would that be enough?

Of course, it would not, especially to a guest visiting the hotel for the first time. You will need to introduce yourself and the hospitality level your hotel offers to a guest in need of accommodation. Recently, the Internet is the primary means of finding hotel accommodation (travel agencies used to play this role), hence the need to strike a desire to lodge in your hotel through a well-designed website.

According to one of the top web design agencies in Dubai, a perfectly designed website should be prioritized for a successful hotel business operation and reflect the kind of hotel facility you operate. Considering the vital role of a hotel website, below are necessary details that you need to create a unique website that will keep you aloft of competitions.

The Details to Include When Creating a Website for a Hotel

1. Unique Web Design 

As for your site’s design, it must be visually appealing to potential guests and present your offer in the best way. Your business vision must be in line with the creation of the website. Also, it is not advisable to use a pre-created design theme when developing a hotel website. Some guests may not mind the website design template, but those with refined taste will undoubtedly notice. 

The choice of topics displayed on the website must be distinguishable from those on other websites to give your hotel the professional impression it deserves. 

Therefore, it is of great benefit to hire a professional web design agency to design a fantastic website for your hotel. This would present you the opportunity to decide the business style and influence your guest’s user experience on the website.

 2. User Impressions

How to Create a Quality Website for a Hotel

All successful businesses provide users the opportunity to leave a review of their customer’s experiences. The review presents the intending guest with the previous customers’ opinion, which has proven to be very useful for businesses. Thus, when developing a website for a hotel, this section must not be left out. 

Do you wonder why this is important?

The need to create a customer review section is to present potential customers valuable information to choose the better hotel with a great user’s review, and guests most time choose the hotel with a higher rating. 

Authentic reviews are the most authoritative hotel rating and vital to potential guests when choosing a hotel. The only way you can influence the guests’ impression is to make sure that you meet all their expectations during their stay in your hotel. A positive image or review would leave no doubt in the heart of a potential guest while choosing your hotel. 

3. Authentic Photographs

The pictures of everything your hotel offers a guest is a mandatory part of your website’s design. However, the images must be carefully selected. When posting pictures on the site, you must never use those downloaded from the Internet. Such pictures rarely attract guest’s attention. When the images on your website do not conform to your hotel’s provisions, the guest’s initial delight will vaporize into disappointment. A disappointed guest would not give a good impression of your hotel; therefore, you need a great website with outstanding pictures.

4. Online Booking

Online booking is one of the critical details of a quality hotel website. The hotel’s online booking system has to be decently designed for easy usage and developed to have a good user interface.  

The website should be easily accessible to potential guests and contain relevant information (the hotel availability at the desired time and the price of accommodation) so that they can decide quickly on their choice of accommodation. The accessibility criteria of a hotel’s website eradicate stress and influence user’s decisions. 

5. Multilingual Site

Create a Quality Website for a Hotel

Most hotel guests are come from different countries and often need to communicate in a foreign language; hence, the need to incorporate multilingual options while developing the hotel’s website. A multilingual version of the site is required when a guest is searching for accommodation. An option to switch to a general language like the English Language would acquaint potential guests with the website content. 

Translating the site into all world languages would be too complicated, but the origin of the guest’s in-flow to your hotel could be known by analyzing previous guests’ data. The website design can also include some translating options from one language to the other, which would influence user experience on the website and their choice of accommodation. You must ensure the translation option on the website is grammatically correct and tested for accuracy.


It is essential to know that you are primarily offering your guests a real-time experience. Whether your guest’s experience will be positive depends solely on your attitude towards them. Your website design should reflect your offer in a way that will be attractive to potential guests. Therefore, a hotel website design is essential to attract numerous guests to your hotel and help fill up your hotel accommodations. Thus, it is left to you as the host to make a positive impression on your guests, and what better way to do this than to hire one of professional web design agencies to help you out?