Home Gaming How to decorate an apartment in Facebook’s Yoville Game

How to decorate an apartment in Facebook’s Yoville Game

How to decorate an apartment in Facebook’s Yoville Game

Yoville is probably the strangest game on Facebook, and it seems to be very popular. Having played it off and on for several months, it is unclear why so many people enjoy it. The new player is given a sparsely furnished apartment with a living room, bedroom and kitchen. In order to earn coins to buy more furniture, a variety of tasks must be performed. These tasks can vary from visiting friends who also play the game to baking at the Sweets Factory.

Be a Baker at the Sweets Factory

The latter is actually the best way to make the most money per day. The more time dedicated to the game, the more that can be made in the factory. The baked goods cook anywhere from 4 hours to 3 days. There are 16 ovens, and each one can gross anywhere from 25 to 83 coins depending on cooking time. Every player should make at least one stop at the factory per day, especially since it’s on the game’s checklist.

What is the checklist?

It’s four tasks that if done each visit will earn the player 30 coins. Besides the factory, the other tasks are visiting 5 friends, rearranging any room in the player’s apartment and sending free gifts. The checklist is basically a way to encourage the player to socialize in the game.

Visiting those 5 friends will also earn extra coins and experience points. Those friends do not have to be online to visit their apartment and “socialize” with them. Telling a joke, dancing or having a balloon fight is required to get credit for visiting them. All Facebook friends who play Yoville will show up in the apartment complex, but they are only considered neighbors if requested. Regardless of their status, they can be visited at any time.

New Additions to Yoville

A new addition to visiting friends that is welcome is the ability to take pictures while visiting. Three attempts are given to get the best shot, which would be frontal views of both the player and friend along with as many of the items in the room. The items can be anything that can be bought in the Yoville stores, such as a plant or a chair. The better the picture, the more coins and experience points earned.

An unwelcome addition to the game is the questions that randomly pop up that require an answer. The player can exit out of it, but there is no way to permanently stop them, and there are 30 of them. One can only hope they get removed soon, since they are irritating. It can only be assumed the questions have replaced the rude comment the friends used to say: “Let’s take things slow…Come back tomorrow.”

While questions are less rude, they require more time. A sample question is what song best describes a particular friend. Another asks if a certain friend could be an actor. They seem pointless and a waste of time. It can only be hoped that when/if the questions are removed, the developers do not bring back the rude comment.

Socializing with Anti-Social Players

Another way to earn coins is to actually socialize with strangers on the streets of Yoville, but this is harder than one would expect. Most of these other players will reject any attempts to play games with them. Seems rather pointless that they would be standing in the street if they want to be anti-social, but it’s probably best to avoid the streets anyway. They are not needed, since the best way to get around Yoville is to use the Map.

The Map is always in the upper left corner of the screen, so it’s always easy to find. If the player gets lost and doesn’t know how to get back to his/her apartment, the Home button is to the right of the Map. Using the map is also a good way of seeing what is available to visit.

Yoville has few Games

Besides a bunch of stores with expensive items for sale, there is a Speedway where the player can race with two other friends. The winner earns coins and experience points. There is also a beach where the player can fish with friends. The winner is the one with the largest catch, and he/she also earns coins and experience points. There is also a casino consisting of one slot game that is not generous. If visiting the casino, be prepared to lose coins.

Going from Apartment to House

The ultimate goal of any player is to move out of the apartment and buy a house. Once at least $5,000 coins have been earned, the player can buy a trailer from the Realtor Office. If a bigger home is wanted, more coins must be earned, or YoCash can be purchased to buy one of the nicer houses. $25,000 coins will buy a nice two story Gothic home. Once a house has been bought, the player can then transfer his/her furniture from the apartment to set up their new home. Note: Special deals appear to the right of the game, so player should keep an eye out for an item they’d like to purchase on sale.

Yoville will not appeal to everybody. If friends play it at the same time, it can be more interactive for everyone involved.