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How To Feel Confident Buying Electronic Components Online From Overseas Sellers

How To Feel Confident Buying Electronic Components Online From Overseas Sellers

Today you will find many online vendors selling electronic components, a majority of them located overseas due to the very good prices. However, in order to get the best bang for your buck and not get ripped off, it is important to do your research before dealing with online vendors that you are unfamiliar with. Keep reading for good tips on what to look for if you’re thinking about dealing with overseas vendors who specialize in electronic components.

Due to all of the new technology that has come about over the last 20 years, just about every country on the planet is tied into the internet where they sell electronics and the components that help them work properly. Since many overseas countries are not bound by restrictions regarding how much they can pay employees, consumers look to these places to find cheap components for their electronics. Also, many companies in the United States outsource their electronic manufacturing to businesses all over the world. Most of these electronic manufacturing companies have plenty of spare electronic components to purchase since they are constantly getting returns. When you get electronic product returns, it doesn’t mean the item cannot be salvaged. Often times there are many valuable parts inside that work properly and can still be used and sold online.

Now the main question that is always asked is whether or not it is safe to buy from companies that sell electronic components, especially from businesses or individuals that may be on the other side of the planet. To answer this question you must do your own research into who is selling these parts. Additionally, not only must you research the seller but also know if the parts are authentic, meaning OEM, which stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Most companies with this label have contracts with the original electronic manufacturer to either make the parts themselves or just act as a middleman or distributor. A business that has a contract with one of the major companies to deliver their parts is usually someone you can rely on.

Electronic Components Online From Overseas Sellers

One of the main reasons not to purchase from an online overseas seller is because they make cheap knockoffs of the original parts. This has become a huge worldwide business because let’s face it, they can charge you less money since it costs them practically nothing to produce it. A lot of these sellers who deal in cheap knockoffs of the original parts come from sweatshops where many times you encounter underage workers who work long hours for very low pay. This is a known fact and is something to consider when doing business. However, a lot of these people who do work in these conditions are happy to just have a job, so in a sense, it is not all bad.

Do your research into the seller! Since the internet has become a global marketplace it is very easy to find online reviews and read what others have to say about the seller. Be wary though since a lot of people also post fake reviews. Over time though, with experience, anyone can figure out which reviews are real and which ones aren’t. Usually, fake reviews are easy to spot if every one of them is positive and not a single complaint. If you’re dealing in electronic components there is a good chance something will go wrong because things are constantly breaking down. If they didn’t break down there would be no need for electronic component resellers and electronic-components-distribution-companies. Also, overseas shipping can get lost which will definitely delay the products arrival causing you concern. Inevitably, you’re going to get a negative review here and there even if the company does everything correctly.

A good way to find an electronic components manufacturer that sells at reasonable prices is to speak with the original manufacturer. Since it was explained earlier in the article that many companies outsource the building of components to overseas companies, check with them to see who has the contracts. Once you find out who these manufacturers are that reside overseas, contact them to see if you can get it at a discount. This is a prudent move on your part and will put your mind at ease knowing you’re getting products from a trusted company.

Do they have a website, phone number, and address? Also, many countries require businesses to put their license number on their website to show that they have the required permits to run such a business. This usually means they are a legitimate company that pays taxes in their home country. Just like here in the United States, it is always best to do business with someone who is licensed and insured.  This protects you and in most cases, the company has some type of return policy in case the component ends up being faulty. Look online for their return policy and if you don’t see one, send them an email, or better yet give them a phone call. A legitimate business usually has their phone number and address prominently displayed on their website.

As you research the different companies, ask around in online forums to see what others recommend. There are many online forums that discuss different electronics manufacturers and it is a great place to ask questions to try and find overseas companies that offer great deals. As you can see, the more research you put into finding out about various component sellers, it helps separate the good ones from the bad. But since we are dealing with electronics it is always a possibility that even a legitimate company will send you a bad product. It is just part of the electronics business, especially when they have to make a long journey from overseas. Heat can greatly affect an electrical component and degrade the product, so be sure that when it arrives you fully test it out to make sure it is in good working order.

It can very well be smart to purchase products online from overseas sellers when dealing with electrical components because you get the best deals. Many times a replica product, or one that is OEM is still just as good as if it were made in America by the original manufacturer. So having said that, do your research and maybe at first place a small order to test out the quality. You can’t go wrong if you follow these simple steps!


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