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Cool Way To Get Free 1 GB Space in Raspberry PI 3


In this post, learn how to get instantly 1 GB free space in raspberry pi. The Raspberry Pi 3 is an awesome and powerful computer which is also called powerful and smallest sized microcomputer, which is incredibly very useful for personal use. For the less than one night out on the town, you can say that is a Microcomputer.

How To Get Free 1 GB Space in Raspberry PI 3

One of the best and nice things about the Raspbian , that comes with just about all the necessary software[s which you need. The main thing is that, these all software’s can covers lot a space inside your memory. RasPi.tv points these facts which you can easily use and take free up to 1GB space, by deleting LibreOffice 250 MB sized and Wolfram 650 MB sized which are not necessary at all for you.

Deleting some apps that frees your space, that’s not anyone surprised, but it is important and very easy, because when you use a operating system using some small MicroSD Card, then you always want some free space. So in this article, I’m sharing a technique, of how you can easily and instantly free up almost 1GB space on your Raspberry Pi .

Simply go to your Terminal Window and entering the command given below :

sudo apt-get purge wolfram-engine
sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get autoremove

You can also do the same thing for LibreOffice too by simple adding libreoffice* in the place of wolfram-engine .

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Also you can delete some other apps and free some space. IF you don’t want to get any other software;s/apps, then use Raspbian Lite Image . The Raspbian Lite Image includes the necessities for running a Raspbian without any extra apps. So hope you can easily do this process. For learn more about Raspberry Pi 3 , watch video .

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