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How To Get Freeroll Tickets For Online Games


Freeroll tickets give you an opportunity to play online games for free. Sounds like a good deal. So, what’s the catch? There isn’t one really. That is, the sites usually benefit from attracting new players and improving customer satisfaction, while you, the player, can enjoy an occasional freebie.

free roll ticet How To Get Freeroll Tickets For Online Games

What Are Freeroll Tickets?

Freeroll tickets give you entry to online games that usually cost real money. When you hear ‘freeroll’, it will probably be in relation to poker, though freeroll tickets are also commonly given out for other online casino games like blackjack.

A freeroll tournament is a poker tournament with no entry fee, at least not in terms of real money. You may be required to ‘pay’ for entry using points, such as VIP points that you earn by playing on the site.

A freeroll tournament is very different from ‘play money’ games. In ‘play money’ games, you buy-in with a sort of play currency, and you also win prizes in that currency. There is no real money involved.

In a freeroll game, the entry is free for all players, but effectively the prizes are donated by the house. This means that you can win entry to more valuable tournaments, win prizes or even real money. Competing in these kinds of tournaments is one of the ways in which you can make money off gaming.

freeroll games How To Get Freeroll Tickets For Online Games

Types Of Freeroll Game

Freeroll games can have the same structure as any other poker game. They are essentially the same, but you don’t pay real money, and so the format can vary. Here are specific types of freeroll:

Open freeroll game – Every now and again, poker sites will have freerolls running just like ordinary games in the lobby. You can simply opt-in to play these games, and away you go. The only drawback to these games is that they usually have large fields of players to plow through before you can make the money.

Points buy-in – In this type of freeroll, you buy in with points rather than money. This is usually when the site offers a VIP or loyalty points reward scheme to attract and nurture customers. You collect points by playing games and may be rewarded with free tickets or given the chance to swap points for freeroll entries.

Promotional – Freerolls are an awesome way for new players to get to know the game while having a chance of winning real prizes. For this reason, online poker sites often run freerolls on a promotional basis. Look out for them and get involved when you see a good offer.

Invitation-only – Have you been invited to a tournament that has free entry? You must have done something right. This is not very common, but online sites may invite loyal or high-stakes players to special freerolls every now and then. In this case, the prizes might even be worth shouting about!

How To Get Freeroll Tickets For Online Games

Where To Get Freeroll Tickets

Now that you know what freerolls are, and have an idea about the different types of freeroll games online sites offer, it’s time to talk about where you can actually find freeroll tickets. Of course, one of the best ways to find games is to look on the lobby of your usual online sites. Set the filter to ‘freeroll’ and keep checking back to see what’s on offer.

You can also:

Look out for promotions – Always keep an eye out for major promotions from online sites because they may offer freeroll games in an attempt to attract new players. PokerStars is currently running the Nawaz freeroll promotion. You can watch three videos of the famous Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui and decide whether he’s bluffing. Even if you get it wrong, you get freeroll tickets with prize pools of 2.5 lakhs and gadgets like Smart TVs and phones.

Collect reward points – If you already play on an online site, you may be able to collect reward points as you play. These can often be traded for all sorts of prizes, for entry to games, or for freeroll tickets.

Claim bonuses – When you first sign up to an online gaming site, you will very often be given a welcome package, or even a choice of bonuses. These could include freeroll tickets, along with tournament money or match-bonuses for your first deposit.If you stay on the lookout and check a few websites by using the tips from this article, you’ll surely find the right opportunity for you!