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How to have Christmas party or dance party for teens

How to have Christmas party or dance party for teens

Winter is perfect for a fancy party or dance with girls dressed in long gowns and guys in tuxedos. A formal party with lots of sparkle is just right.

An informal party, gathering, or dance is also fun at Christmas and holiday time. Wearing jeans and warm winter sweaters and singing Christmas carols; what could be greater than a bunch of teen friends and hot cocoa?

Following are some of the ideas to help with planning a great teen event this Christmas, in 2020.

Party Planning Ideas

A calendar or time-line is helpful for planning.
Getting a committee together (or a group of friends) helps lighten the load.
Booking a large hall needs to be done far in advance, especially for popular weekends.

Picking a Dance or Party Holiday or Winter Theme

A few party theme ideas include:

  • Brainstorming ideas based around a holiday song is fun. Some elegant ideas include “White Christmas,” “Winter Wonderland,” and “Silver Bells.” Some more casual song-based themes are “Joy to the World” and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”
  • Of course, red and green are the traditional Christmas colors. Blue and white work for Christmas and Hanukkah.
  • How about a charitable theme, having each guest bring a toy or canned food to be donated to those in need?
  • More ideas are in the articles Fun Teen Birthday Party Ideas & Awesome Themes and Teen Christmas Party Ideas & Dance Themes and on the websites Christmas Tea Party Ideas and Teen Birthday Party Ideas and Themes.

Sending Out Invitations or Flyers

  • Designing and delivering invitations can be a big job. Preparing ahead is important.
  • Some ideas for larger events (like a high school winter dance or community club winter dance) may be posters, announcements, newsletters, school newspapers, or flyers.
  • For smaller or home events, invitations may be purchased or homemade. They can be mailed or hand-delivered.

Decorating Ideas for a Teenage Event

  • Holiday lights are a must, and are so pretty.
  • Make a choice between elegant or more fun decor. Choosing this will pull the event together. This can be made clear with the style and wording of the invitation and then be carried through at the teen dance or party.
  • Song themes such as those above suggest many decorating schemes. An all-white room would be fabulous and one can find silver bells of all kinds in the wedding department.
  • Balloons on the floor are great decor for teenagers. The balloons get tossed and bounce around.
  • Check party stores for more ideas.

Activities for Teen Christmas Dances and Parties

  • A teen dance doesn’t need a lot of planned activities. Socializing and dancing are plenty.
  • If there is room for a Christmas tree, each guest can bring a purchased or homemade ornament. Guests can put the ornaments on the tree as they enter the party and later play a game to take turns choosing another ornament to take home (One dice game uses two dice on a tray. The tray is passed around and when someone gets “doubles,” they get to pick an ornament.)
  • A decorated arch or Christmas tree area is nice for teens to take their own pictures.
  • Teens need chairs for resting and conversation.
  • Finger-foods and drinks are essential for teenagers.

Music and Songs for the Teenage Dance or Party

  • A good pro DJ will know and have the latest songs. This is a must-have for unlimited entertainment to all party goers. A good idea is to request what is appropriate for the particular group. Some dances work well with holiday music mixed in, some with oldies, some rap, and some with various rock. Some groups may prefer Christian music.
  • To save money, a student DJ may be found at a local college or among the teens.
  • A group of teens may enjoy getting together to set up music on loud music player. Hooking this up to a sound system puts the music on auto-pilot.
  • For some events, a live band may work. This is optional as it may be a bit costly compared to loud music player.

Remember Safety at a Teen Dance

  • Adult chaperones are important and everyone should understand the rules. A reminder of rules can be added to the invitations.
  • A list with parent phone numbers in case of emergency is essential.
  • A secure safe place for purses, coats and valuables should be provided and watched.
  • An after-party pick-up plan should be in place so teens and parents know what to expect.

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Above all, a Christmas dance or party is a time to celebrate and have fun. With a little planning and a few special touches, a teen winter event will be magical and memorable. Good planning may be one of the life events of a teen time.