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How to make a stylish decoration with a mirror in your home

How to make a stylish decoration with a mirror in your home

Is there anything more sophisticated than a large space, beautifully decorated and comfortable? For me, luxury watches like Rolex Submariner or Patek Philippe. But we’re not talking about the watches, we’re talking about making a stylish decoration! What many people don’t know is that the secret of all that can be very simple. Mirror decoration can ensure that each home gets a completely different look. And that doesn’t really matter the size of the residence or the type of decoration used. Mirrors join any space, as long as you use it correctly and bet with high taste. No wonder they’ve been awake for a while now.

In this article, you will see some tips for having a home that is stripped and full of style and elegance, just by betting on the use of mirrors. Want to understand better? Continue reading!

Adjust the frame with home decor How to make a stylish decoration with a mirror in your home

Adjust the frame with home decor

Mirrors are some of the most versatile decoration items and help you complete space with style. However, some of the most important treatments when investing in mirror decoration are choosing frames. The right choice can not only change the face of the environment, but also create interesting contrasts, draw attention to the walls of a particular house or even marry some other items in ornaments. And don’t be afraid to be brave: it’s often possible to combine a modern environment with a more classic mirror frame. The space looks elegant and you still create a very interesting contrast.

Use mirror decoration strategically

There is no point in placing a mirror anywhere in the room. It can even be a big blow on the foot! All space needs to be considered as a set, and that means it is very important you know what you want in the entire room before choosing where the mirror will be positioned. One of the big mistakes in decorating mirrors, incidentally, is not predicting what will be reflected. One must avoid the mirror in front of the bathroom or bedroom, for example, because that is what will be reflected. A good tip is to place it in places that reflect interesting decoration items. For example, you can invest in a mirror in the dining room, highlight the chandelier or raise the table visually. Already in the living room, you can extend the sofa and highlight the potted plants!

Increase space with the right mirror How to make a stylish decoration with a mirror in your home

Increase space with the right mirror

In a small or very large environment you see one of the biggest advantages of betting on a mirror. When you choose correctly not only the model, but also the place where it is placed, you can visually improve the environment or provide more comfort for a very large space. In places of socialization and who need more comfort, this can be a great asset. In the room, for example, you can cover the entire wall (and even behind the bed) with a mirror, adding to the room. The same can be done in the living room, being careful that the mirror does not create television reflections. Also note the type of light that is used so that it is not reflected directly in the mirror.

Enjoy natural lighting

Natural lighting gives another charm to any room, but it’s not always easy to enjoy it. One alternative to strengthen your reach and provide more sophisticated air throughout the home is to place mirrors in strategic places. In such cases, it is very important to be on the wall opposite the window. Combining the use of white-walled mirrors also further optimizes home natural lighting.

So what do you think about making your home more beautiful using mirror decorations? If you like the tips, share them on your social networks and contribute to friends and family as well as decor brooms!


  1. Delighted to read this article about mirrors.They have been in our lives since ages and still around.The tips are very valuable as I have mirrors in my house and all the time I change their places(positioning) on the walls,or buy more with different shapes and sizes.Thank you for posting such an article.

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