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How To Make Money With Your Low Traffic Blog / Website

Make Money Online from that blog which have received thousands or even millions of visitors on daily basis is so simple and easy.
They are able to choose a lots of money making programs . For example, go for PPC Ads, CPC, CPM Ad Units, Affiliate Marketing Sites etc and also many others services they can use to make money from their blog. Only even an instant of time their account filled with thousands of dollars .
So from these things, the overall conclusion is that blog traffic is compulsory to earn money online.

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How To Make Money With Your Low Traffic Blog

But the main question is that, if a blog don’t receive that types of traffic, or it has very low traffic can also earn money online?

My answer is YES.

It is difficult to make such a handsome amount of money online, but you can also make some money online with low traffic blogs.

But the question is that How do you make money online from low traffic blog? So here i’m discussed the method and some tips for you if your blog receive low traffic and also you want to make money of that type of blogs.


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First Thing Keep Expectation Aside

How To Make Money With Your Low Traffic Blog

This is my first advise to you to keep expectation aside. Because always keep your mind calm and be inspired from other big blogs who earn six figures but never expect that type of earning always especially when your blog receive not enough traffic.

First you can make your mind to earn 30$ to 60$ dollars per month and then after this set your target to earn your first 100$ dollars in a single month. But also keep in mind never lose hope and always word hard into your new blog with original contents and also update it regularly.


Keep in Mind : Your first 2 to 3 months would be more important and would be full of hard stones and also there will be lots of up and down but always work hard and never lose heart and work hard to achieve your main goal.

Second Thing Avoid PPC, CPM Ad Unit

How To Make Money With Your Low Traffic Blog

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Blogs that receive low traffic , almost receive around 100 to 150 visitors per day never perform good for PPC as well as CPM Ad networks like Adsense, Media.Net etc.


Normally if your blog received daily around above 1000 visitors you would only around make 1$ or 2$ dollar per day. If you talk about BuySellAds, then it requires very high traffic flow and awesome and impressive Alexa Rank for making a handsome amount of earning.

Your Choice – Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money With Your Low Traffic Blog

Affiliate Marketing is only the best choice for you to make money online from your low traffic blog. This is the best place to start to make hundreds of dollars instantly .

It works for both who receive low traffic as well as high traffic blogs. This method is only want targeted traffic that you can attracting more users with writing high and killing posts articles that is being useful for your readers.

For this purpose i’m choosing some more awesome and famous platform where you can start.

1 – Clickbank
2 – Hostgator
3 – Amazon
4 – BlueHost
5 – Themeforest

These are some most usable sites, where you can start this option and make a handsome amount of money simply attracting targeted traffic to your low traffic blogs.There are also other networks which you can use but these are good and gives you very good result. Write a unique and genuine sponsored blog post , add your review about products are also used.

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These all are best guides for you that will helps you to getting more traffic on your websites / blogs. Utilizes all these tactics , methods, tips and I hope that will helps you a lot.

Finally, best of luck of all of you who can get very low traffic , and this post not only for low traffic blog owners, this is for all who want to make a good blogger and affiliate marketers.If you are struggling and get some ideas about this topic then share in comment section.

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