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How to Play Xbox Games on Smartphones


Officially, Xbox became “abandonware” in 2008, when Microsoft announced their decision to discontinue their legendary product. Notwithstanding this fact, Xbox remains one of the most popular video game consoles gamers opt for to quench their gaming nostalgia.

The name of Xbox is considered synonymous with “entertainment” and “fun,” and for good reason. Such titles as Grand Theft Auto V, Mass Effect 2, Gears of War, Fallout 3, BloShock, and Red Dead Redemption were keeping the teenage representatives of generation Y glued to their screens some fifteen years ago. Xbox games’ mind-blowing graphics, exceptionally convenient controllers, catchy soundtracks, and mega attractive characters made a splash with the global gamer community and still continue thrilling us.

Times, as you know, they are a-changing… So do the tastes of demanding gamers hungry for new impressions. Still, even in the era of sophisticated video games, we’re dreaming of reuniting with Master Chief, Cortana, Marcus Fenix, Nick Ramos, and other Xbox cult characters. Since lots of users use their smartphones for playing games, we’ve decided to tell you how to start playing popular Xbox on your mobile device. Intrigued? Go on reading to learn more.

Playing Xbox Games Using Xbox Achievements

achievements How to Play Xbox Games on Smartphones

Every Xbox fan knew what to do to get valuable prizes for their in-game achievements. Apt and skilful players could exchange their victories and accomplishments for Gamescores. Gamescores could be traded for in-game bonuses and let gamers unlock some functions. Of course, nowadays the Gamescore system is no longer supported by developers. Still, those players who accumulated enough points for completing specific tasks can use them to download Xbox popular games onto Windows, iOS, and Android devices.  With Xbox Live integration, you don’t need to download and install an emulator, a special program that allows running retro games on a third-party platform. All you need to do to get a couple or more Xbox game titles onto your smartphone is to sacrifice some of your Xbox achievements.

 Playing Xbox Games Using and Emulator

emulator How to Play Xbox Games on Smartphones

It’s a well-known and regrettable fact that neither Xbox not their successors are currently supported by Microsoft. Still, it doesn’t means that you need to forget about your favorite video game console. You can start running almost all of Xbox popular games on your smartphone using an emulator, the program we have mentioned above. After you get this useful tool and download some Xbox ROMs onto your device, you’ll be able to immerse yourself into the magnificently entertaining world of retrogaming.

Those players who were hesitant about downloading emulators can relax. There’s nothing dangerous and potentially harmful about emulators. Moreover, Microsoft allows users to download such tools using the Xbox Live service. Any user that craves to play classic console titles on their mobile device may visit the Xbox official website and download an emulator file. The fly in the ointment is that the emulator is no longer supported, as is the case with Xbox itself. Moreover, the existing version cannot run all games smoothly. Still, there’s no need to get upset. Hordes of users don’t hesitate to downloading emulators from Xbox Live and install them onto their devices.

Another method you can utilize to score a reliable emulator is to search the web for it. There’re plenty of online resources that offer emulation software for download. And Xbox emulators are no exception. Still, if you decide to get a program from a third-party website, you need to make sure that this resource is trustworthy.

Also, if you’re using an Android smartphone, you need to bear in mind that an emulator alone won’t be enough to start playing Xbox games. You’ll need to avail yourself of an APK, a special application that allows installing “unapproved” software.

It comes as no surprise that Android frowns upon installing dubious apps. So, you’ll need to resort to some contrivances to bypass its security. Users of Android 4.0 or later should go to “Settings” and scroll down to the Security tab. From there, they should check the “Unknown Sources” option. After that, it will be possible to install an unauthorized APK file on an Android device.

Once the APK is downloaded, you may proceed to downloading an Xbox emulator of your choice.

Games and Controllers

controller How to Play Xbox Games on Smartphones

Congratulations! No you have an emulator to play Xbox games on your phone. We bet now you’re itching to get some cool games to play on it. As we have noted, you may opt for Xbox Live services and get your favorite titles from there or go straight to RomsMode, the resource featuring the large collection of Xbox games to suit all tastes.

Controlling games on a smartphone can be quite an ordeal for those who got used to joysticks. At first, controlling games with a touch screen may appear inconvenient and difficult. If that’s the case, you may want to acquire an original Bluetooth or wired Xbox controller and connect it with to your smartphone. Just don’t forget about an adapter.

Now nothing can stop you from playing Xbox games on your smartphone.Have fun!


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