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How To Track Right Owner of a Lost iPhone ( 5 Methods )

iPhone is a very awesome powerful and new generation smartphone which is everyone know about it. If you’ve ever find any lost iPhone on the way and want to become a decent and kind human being, first of all , it is so good for you, because not everyone do this as moral compass within it. If you no idea how to find the real owner of lost iPhone then this article for you, I’m discussed here a method of how to find a right owner of a stolen iPhone or lost iOS phone .
How To Track Right Owner of a Lost iPhone ( 5 Methods )

There are many ways to find out the real and right owner of stolen or lost iPhone , maybe the best ways to find the real owner also available in the iPhone it self. Generally, smartphones are locked with different kinds of securities and passwords but don’t worry here i’m telling you some ways which you use to find lost iPhone owner easily.

5 Ways To Find Right Owner of Lost iPhone’s

#1 Way – User Siri Ability Features

Almost every smartphone locked with passwords and some kinds of apps used for protecting their iPhone’s . Many of people don’t realize the how to open this Phone, you can also use it by simply bypass it like place calls , messages sending technique, or this is disable in the setting options. Here are 4 tips for you which try you can to asking Siri by simply holding down the buttons on the Locked Screen.

” Call Mom “

” Call Home “

” Call Dad “

” Call My Wife ” 

How To Track Right Owner of a Lost iPhone Using Siri Ability feature

Basically iPhone users can add contacts with that type of names / phrases. My friend also do this and this technique also work for it and he giving them the right owner , so thanks to Siri for this awesome and powerful features to call contact labeled ” Home “ without having password ( Without Broken the Password ).

#2 Way – Use iPhone Medical ID

iPhone provided many technique and features which you can use for more engaged with your smartphone, one of them is Medical ID. This is basically Apple’s Health App which is installed on every iPhone by default. This features can provided you the full bio data about the owner, like their personal information, medical conditions, and also some emergency numbers, because everyone add that type of number into their bio data medical app.

How To Track Right Owner of a Lost iPhone using iPhone Medical ID

When you on the phone you can see on the password screen below left – corner and turning to the Medical ID page to check that person filled their medical ID form or not. Many time you see the Emergency button, so simple dialing some emergency number and then password screen turning into the Medical ID, if owner filled any field in it. If any contact given in it then call on it and let them to know about their missing or losing iPhone .

#3 Way – If No Password Lock

Almost everyone locked their phone with passwords and some other kinds of iPhone apps, but many of them don’t do this. So if you find a Phone which have no Password lock, then simply go to the recent call list. Generally, if anyone want to let them to their owner, they don’t want to check out some private things, like numbers / contacts or other things , but for this purpose if you really want to let them return to it’s real owner then do this.

How To Track Right Owner of a Lost iPhone ( 5 Methods )

After that, if you not find any sufficient number then go to the message directory or even also go to the contact list and first of all find out the numbers like that ” Home ” , ” Wife ” , ” Office “ etc and call them, but if you not find that phrase then simply find any related number and call them and tell them about their lost iPhone.

#4 Way – Use IMEI Number

IMEI stands for “International Mobile Station Equipment Identity” which is unique for all smartphones . Every mobile which is manufactured in this world have a unique IMEI tracking number. You can also use this number to find the real owner of the lost smartphone. If you can’t on the iPhone, then this method is powerful and also very useful.

How To Track Right Owner of a Lost iPhone Using IMEI imei.info

Simply check the IMEI number which is almost ready printed in the hardware on backside of the iPhone, check it and then simply find your near local Carrier Store for reporting that you have a iPhone which is lost by anyone this is it’s IMEI number. Use this website for this purpose. imei.info

#5 Way – Keep iPhone Always On

Basically this option is also best, because when iPhone is on then anyone call it’s SIM Number, so you can answer the incoming calls and try to find which is owner of this smartphone and then try to find it’s legal owner and return them.

Final Words about This Story

If all these methods you can try and you don’t know about the lost iPhone owner then don’t worry, simply go to your near Police Station and complaint about this, but many of us don’t choose this option, but if you really want to return to it’s legal owner then choose this after trying all above methods. Hope this would help you a lot and if any other method you know then let them below the comment box .