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How To Use Instagram Live and Disappear Photos & Videos

How To Use Instagram Live and Disappear Photos & Videos

Instagram has been hand-picking features out of Facebook and Snapchat lately, to cater the growing Instagram community. This is all about How to use Use Instagram Live?

With over 600 million users, Instagram has become one of the most popular social networking hubs. Subsequently, they have been offering greater convenience to its users by welcoming innovation.

Last year, Instagram rolled out their version of ‘self-destructing’ stories, labelled as ‘Instagram stories’, which are quite similar to Snapchat stories. It became widely popular in almost no time, with the number of daily users edging 150 million.

How To Use Instagram Live and Disappear Photos & Videos

Instagram recently rolled out another exciting and an already-popular feature, ‘Instagram Live’.

Similar to Facebook Live, it enables users to connect with their followers in real-time. You can now interact with your friends in real-time, by live-streaming your activities.

Turning on Instagram live would broadcast your activities live, but your friends would only be able to see it until it’s turned off. Unlike Facebook live, Instagram live stream disappears as soon as it ends and it cannot be replayed. Instagram live streams can’t be saved either.

How to Use Instagram live

Going live on Instagram is quite simple and precise. So How to Use Instagram Live on iOS and Android?

For those who haven’t updated their phone and apps in ages, must update their Instagram (iOS or Android) app to the latest version.

Once you’ve got the latest version of the Instagram mobile application, you’ll simply have to open the app.

Upon opening the Instagram application, you can either swipe right from the feed or you’ll have to tap on the camera icon, which is placed on the top left of your screen.

You’ll end up in a new tab with your camera accessed, where you’ll see the option to access live video, along with BOOMERANG and HANDS FREE. You can switch between these options by swiping left and right, on your screen.

To turn on real-time broadcasting, you have to tap on Start Live Video. You can also enable the option to notify your followers while going live.

How To Use Instagram Live and Disappear Photos & Videos

Once you’re live, you can see the number of viewers in real-time, which is displayed in the top right corner of your screen.

You can also read comments while broadcasting, that appear at the bottom of your screen.

Tapping Comment will enable you to add a comment. You can also tap and hold a comment to pin it to the top.

If you want to turn off commenting, you’ll have to tap on

and select Turn off Commenting.

Once you’re done, tap END on the top right corner and select Confirm to end the live stream.

Disappearing Photos & Videos in Instagram Direct

Instagram sneaked in another interesting feature while rolling out Instagram live. This feature is quite similar to Snapchat stories.

It enables you to send disappearing Videos/photos in Instagram direct.

If you want to send a picture or a video message to specific friends or groups and you don’t want them to save it, you can send it in Instagram direct and the recipients would be able to see it twice before it’s gone. You’ll also receive a notification when your disappearing message is opened.
Hope you know How to Use Instagram live and disappearing direct messages certainly are useful and convenient features, which are bound to enhance the user experience.