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Video SEO: How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel


Now on this week, I’ll decided to share with you the two different ways to verify YouTube accounts. Generally, these are two different things but all related to verification. First one is verifying your YouTube Name and second one is verifying your YouTube account. Both have different advantages which we discussed below. As in my previous article, I’ll shared a whole tutorial of “how to created YouTube channel and make money on YouTube”. Now here I’ll discussed two different methods to easily verifying your YouTube channel.

image: How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

Types of YouTube Verification (Account/Channel)

  • Verifying Your YouTube Name
  • Verifying Your YouTube Account

Although both are little bit different but purpose is same to verifying your YouTube account. But according to “Verification” word, they both are often confused with each other, so don’t worry below I’ll explain both about how they work and what each of them.

Guide to Verifying Your YouTube Account

Now below is the complete ultimate guide about how to easily verifying your YouTube account and use many features of YouTube which are only available for you if your YouTube channel is verified. Without verification, you cannot use these features like 
  • Appeal Against Copyright Claims
  • Use Custom Thumbnails
  • Upload Videos Longer Than 15 Minutes or More
So first verify your channel and then use it properly and further use. Now below I’ll mention all these steps to verifying your channel. 

Step1 – Find Your YouTube Account Setting

First of all go to YouTube and Sign In to your YouTube account, and then click on “Gear Icon” or setting of YouTube. 
image :How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

 Step2 – Use Additional Features

Now here you can use your additional features to verify channel. Simply click on the link “View Additional Features” and go to the features page.
imagE: How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

Step3 – Find and Then Click on Verify Button

Now you’ll see the “verify button” simply click on it and go to the verification page.
picture: How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

Note: If you don’t see Good Standing next to the Community Guidelines and Copyright sections, you’ll need to solve those issues before you can access certain features, even after verifying your account.

Step4 – Choose Your Country and Verification Method

Now here you see the two function. In first, simply select your country where you live and then choose verification method. YouTube verify your account simply via Mobile Number, so just choose how to verifying your channel via SMS or via Phone Call as your choice.
imagE: How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

Step5 – Enter Phone Number

Now after that, you’ll see a box where you enter your Mobile Phone Number and then click on “Submit” button. If you choose Phone Call verification method, then you’ll see a pop up box which only you confirm button and then use this method. But if you use SMS method, then simply adding your number and a 6-digit code will be sending to your mobile number by Google.
image: How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel
If you use the SMS verification method then this box is not comes and simply click on Submit. 
image : How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

Step6 – Enter 6-Digit Verification Code

Now after receiving message from Google, you’ll receive a 6-digit code, simply entering this code in the field provided and click on confirm button. 
image: How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

Step7 – Confirmed You’re Verified

Now check your status, your account is fully verified by YouTube / Google, now you’ll use all features of YouTube for better experience. 
image: How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel
So after verifying your YouTube account, all features which you want to use are visible for further use. I hope you may like this and fully understand this ultimate guide. This is called “Verifying YouTube Account”. But if you want to verify your YouTube Name then see below.

Watch Video: How To Verify Your YouTube Account

How to Verify YouTube Name

As you see the verified account on Facebook, Twitter or even Google+ that makes a brand far more credible and useful to other visitors and your followers. Similarly, YouTube also provide the facility to make your channel “BRANDING” by verifying it. If your YouTube Name / account is fully verified, then it make a sense and it tell to users that this page is authentic.

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So the question is that how do you make your YouTube channel a BRAND?

When YouTube channel is verified your name, it will show a little verification badge just after your channel name, that showed that your page is professional, and authentic. Just like look out the Google Official page where you see the verified sign just after brand name of Google.

image: How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

This may tells to visitors and all your subscribers that your page is authentic and fully brand about something that your companies is about. Almost all YouTube creators want to trying to get their channel name verified.

But unfortunately, just like Facebook, Twitter and all other social media sites, you can apply for this directly, because Google/ YouTube first check your brand and then verified your name. Google reviews a different factors about your channel and then decide that your is eligible or not.

Google Suggested different things to do if you want to verifying your YouTube Channel. 

  • First connect your YouTube channel to your Google+ page.
  • You Google+ page must be authorized by your company name, product, or brand. 
  • Verifying your website with Google+ as well as YouTube separately. 
  • You must have a substantial / large number of subscribers on your YouTube channel as well as your Google+ page. 

After that, just wait for sometimes, because Google check your status and then decide it is compulsory that for you to verifying your name and make your channel a “BRAND”

I hope you may like my both ultimate guide about verifying YouTube account and make your channel a brand. If you like this, then please share with others. If you want to get more this type of guides, and make money tutorials, then simply subscribe my Newsletters via email and get my all latest posts directly inside your email.