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How To Increase Website/Blog Traffic Using Forums Sites


Get hurry up to drive targeted readership to your blog using Niche Forums.

Forums Sites are some of the best way to increase blog or website traffic. All these traffic are targeted because only those people comes to your site which has interest into your blog topic / niche. Like if you write about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips, then you can easily promote your posts and drive SEO related targeted traffic using forums.

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Increase Blog or Website Traffic Using Forums Sites

Many new bloggers who are looking to find readers and getting drive traffic to their newly born blog or website, they can use forums. Forums are very valuable and useful resource for bloggers and webmasters.

“I Don’t Care If You’re Black, White, Short, Tall, Skinny, Rich or Poor.
If You Respect Me I’ll Respect You”

One important thing keep in mind that, this is not a hours based strategy to drive traffic it takes some time but it’s results are very high. People can drive traffic using different ways, but not targeted. So if you want to drive targeted traffic then this article helps you.

Why Forums are Important and Why We Use Them?

There are huge number of forums are available now a days on every topic from health to science, mobile to computers, earht to sky almost on all topic. You can easily use these forums according to your blog niche or topic or only joing niche forums which are only for those writes on a particular topic.

On forums, you can easily find new customers which later you can selling your products and make money online. You are able to connect with them and developing relationships with all of them, because these all are in your field, so these are targeted readers which you ever want.

So below I’ll discuss all important things which helps you to drive more traffic but also grow your business, leads, sales and commissions and much more.

Use Forums To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog / Site

Not simply join the forums for getting traffic, but also you can gain your knowledge. Helps others and build your community and then see the magic of forums.

So first of all join forums which you want but remember only join those forums which are highly ranked and has good Alexa Ranking, Page Rank, Authority and Popular. The most factor about forums is that join those forums in which you blog about. Not join Technology niche forums, if your blog about Health, because if doesn’t helps you.

So always join your blog topic / niche related topic which are useful and helpful for you.

#1 – Setting Up Your Profile

After finding your interest related forum, simply go to their account manager and click on Sign Up button and create your free account. Then verify your account and the first thing you do is to setting up your profile. Choose short, unique and good looking username, then upload high quality and smiled original picture into your profile, after that adding all the important information

Like your first name, last name, city, country, your blog / website link, social links (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and the most important adding your signature at the end of your every reply. Because this we first want.

If you answered any question in forum and anyone reading your answer, then they will also look to your signature which you adding to your profile, where we adding our blog link address, now if user find your answer valuable and useful and want to learn more then they will click on that link and redirect to your blog.

This is the best signature style which I like to use :

Learn Something More? Visit My Blog : SEO and Marketing Strategies
So this signature say all about your blog of which is the blog topic you have and if user interested they will click on it and go to your blog. So in this way we getting traffic and new customers which we selling anything related to our niche.

#2 – Inroduce YourSelf

First of all you have to make an introduction post in which you write all about yourself and thanks to community after joining. It will make a unique and awesome impression to the forum community.

There are many styles which users use to write their inro posts, but my unique and useful style is that :

Full Time Blogger and SEO Consultant To Helps You Here
Aamir Saleem AnsariI am Aamir. I Am Awesome here. If you Want Why See.

So in this thread title people who are interested in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Blogging , Marketing all are wanted to reading your post so in this way you can easily getting attraction of the forum community.

#3 – Provide Value To Other Members By Answering Their Questions

This is the most important part in forums or any online community which people don’t going well and in a very little time disengage with the community.

“RESPECT is Something Earned, Not Something Given”

First of all provide the value to other well known members who already have in forum community and getting attraction. Answered their valuable questions but don’t spam.

Because mostly people done this, they join forum, find their post related question and answered them and then share their link this strategy is old and now a days doesn’t work.

First you made yourself as a brand. When people are familiar with you and know who you are? then provide links to your blog posts and share some useful thoughts with them. So in this way you’ll get more attraction and result is high.

#4 – Time to Post Threads Who Attracts Readers

After setting up your profile, introduction posts, answering various questions now this is the time to post threads with useful information that attracts your reader attention.

Write amazing , great tips in this thread, provide the solution of any problem which you think this would be helpful for others. Adding as much as you have knowledge and make this thread more attractive that attracts readers attention.

See this example :

Lesson Learned to Make Money $80,435,87 in last 6 Months With Affiliate Marketing
By: Aamir Saleem Ansari

I know that, people will always find these types of lessons and classes where they find information to solve their problems. Make Money Online basically is the most searchable term on the internet, so this is just an example, you can do that with your own taste and interest.

Final Words For You ! ! !

The main goal to use forums always to provide a great value to others and genuinely helps others. If you just join forums for the sake of traffic, readers, or customers then this strategy not work now a days.

Because you listen that “DO RESPECT GET RESPECT” this is not just a phrase this is the real thinking of life. So first make you a brand and tell others who you are? and then try to getting traffic and customers to your site or blog.

I fully believe that this guide will helps you even you’ve written on any niche/topic. If you find that this guide would be helps others then please share it with your friends and all other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Have you tried using forums to drive more and targeted traffic to your website or blog? If so then how are your results? Share! ! !

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