Home Internet Using Instagram Metrics To Help You Perform Well On Instagram

Using Instagram Metrics To Help You Perform Well On Instagram

Using Instagram Metrics To Help You Perform Well On Instagram

Do you want to know how much your viewers are engaging with your content, or how far and wide is your content reaching? Instagram metrics lets you do that. But, you need to have an Instagram business profile so that you can get Instagram insights into the app itself.

The thing is that you can try different strategies to make your Instagram feed work, and it is also going to help you get new likes and followers. However, you can get free Instagram likes by using the right strategies and working with some professional companies. Nevertheless, you will be able to put yourself in a better position when you know how everything is working, and this when you should pay attention to Instagram metrics.Check free instagram followers.

Know About Your Engagement Rate

The basic test for knowing the popularity of your posts is to check the ‘engagement rate’ of your posts. Engagement rate can help you know how many people are actually seeing and actively responding to or commenting on your posts. Not everyone will see your posts at all times.

You won’t get this information until you and check it up through the ‘View insights’ on the Instagram app when you have a business profile.

How is this engagement rate calculated? Your average engagement rate is the total number of likes and comments divided by the number of followers you have. You can also divide by the number of reaches instead of followers to get a more accurate result. The best method is not yet known, but this is a rough idea of how you can get the average engagement rate.

To avoid this headache of thinking which method to use for calculating engagement rate, use the ‘’pro Instagram analytics” which automatically calculates this for you saving you the math and time both!

More engagement rate means you are doing well, and the audience is liking the content you are posting, and it also means you have to keep up with the expectations and bring them more original content to keep them happy.

If your engagement rate is low, you may want to know how to improve the same. It could be something as simple as changing a caption or changing the time of posting the content that can do the magic of getting more audience for your content!

Use Discovery Metrics To Revamp Your Instagram Hashtag Approach

Instagram Metrics

If you are wondering how your posts are found by different audiences and want to know more about it, then the discovery section is the right place to get those insights.

Finding discovery metrics for your posts is as simple as going to your profile page and tapping on the image for which you would want to see the details. Click on the ‘View insights’ under the image, and a small bar with some information will appear. When you swipe up, you will get more details and information which will be categorized as – Interactions and discovery. Discovery will tell you how many people saw your post and how they found your post. If you are using the right hashtags and that is how people are finding your posts, then congratulations, keep the strategy going, if not, then you will need to have more powerful hashtags to get things moving. Some important differences between reach and impressions will help you form a better strategy based on statistics –

  • Impressions –The total number of times your post has been seen by the viewers forms your impression. This means a user is browsing through the feed and clicking on your business profile to see a photo or seeing the content directly through Instagram DM (Direct message).
  • Reach – The difference between reach and impressions is that only the user who opens your profile and views your post multiple times is counted to give you the ‘reach’ result, unlike impressions, where you can see the total number of views by how the users found your post.

Another important metric that tells you if your hashtag strategy is working is the ‘From hashtag’ metric. This number tells you if your posts are being discovered by people through the hashtags they follow or search through the explore page. Initially, you will have to do some experimenting with hashtags and seeing the discovery metrics every time you use new hashtags to see if the hashtags are giving good results for you. Getting the perfect hashtag strategy takes time but works great to reach your target audiences in the long run.