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Is Social Gaming Bad for Your Health?

socio gaming Is Social Gaming Bad for Your Health?

With the rapid development of communication technology, hobbies and interests of modern generation are deeply affected. At present, the majority of teenagers spend numerous hours in front of their computer screens while playing different computer games. This particular activity is frequently regarded as ‘social gaming’ that raises certain concerns among the contemporary psychologists and medical experts. Check it out  https://researchpapers.io/articles/no-hesitations-find-high-qualified-help-with-your-research-paper-here-17637/.

Whereas some of them ensure that video games have a positive impact on the teenagers and young adults, many of them continue to claim that this particular hobby affects their personal health as well as their social life. Below you can find the key arguments of both sides of the issue.

gamingbenifits Is Social Gaming Bad for Your Health?

Potential Benefits of Social Gaming

1. Enhanced Visual Abilities

Even though many researchers claim that all the innovative technology devices may have a disastrous influence on teenagers’ sense of vision, recent scientific studies prove a negative. For instance, according to the scientists of the University of Rochester, playing video games on a regular basis has a positive effect on the contrast sensitivity function. As a result, people have an opportunity to discern various shades of different colors.

2. Brain Power and Intelligence

While playing a video game, teenagers face different challenges and problems that should be solved. To find the appropriate solution, they should think carefully; as a result, such a hobby improves players’ thinking abilities, problem-solving skills, and logical skills as well. Apart from boosting their brain power, social gaming is a great way to exercise and improve the teamwork skills of an individual. This particular quality is essential for everyone who wants to build a successful career in the future. A variety of popular video games, such as Call of Duty, require different types of online interaction between team players. Finally, some researchers state that playing computer games boosts youngsters’ creativity.

3. Improved Concentration

Since we have already mentioned a positive impact of social gaming on the teenagers’ brain power, it is important to mention the effects on their attention skills. One of the previous studies related to the same issue proves that teenagers playing video games have a great chance to develop the ability to track several objects simultaneously. Being able to pay attention to fast-moving and unexpected situations, individuals tend to improve their reaction speed as a result of such an exciting hobby.

4. Lower Stress Levels

Finally, the recent findings of the psychologists prove that playing computer games can be regarded as one of the key methods to reduce stress and anxiety. While spending their time in front of the screen, youngsters distract from their real-life problems and engross in the virtual world. Hence, social gaming makes them relax and relieve their anxiety.

Risks and Dangers of Video Games for Teenagers

sleepIs Social Gaming Bad for Your Health?

1. Sleep Disorders and Insomnia

Many modern researchers continue to study the relationship between playing computer games and sleep-related problems in teenagers. Even though they still cannot provide a thorough explanation of this relationship, the adverse impact of social gaming on teenagers’ healthy sleep is unquestionable. The majority of scientists believe that computer games should be regarded as an overstimulating activity that results in the issue of sleep disruption.

obesity Is Social Gaming Bad for Your Health?

2. Overweight and Obesity

The following issues that should be discussed are overweight and obesity. This particular issue is always associated with social gaming since the teenagers playing video games on a regular basis are more likely to suffer from such health disorders than those who prefer an active lifestyle.

aggresive Is Social Gaming Bad for Your Health?

3. Aggression and Violent Behavior

One of the key issue discussed among scientists is the relationship between video games and heightened aggression in teenagers. According to psychologists, children and teenagers, who spend a lot of time in front of their computers, are more likely to demonstrate aggressive behavior since they see a number of violent actions while playing computer games. Besides, many researchers believe that social gaming desensitizes youngsters, and as a result, they are not able to feel empathy for people surrounding them.

4. Risk of Addiction

The issue of addiction is one of the most dangerous consequences of excessive computer game play. Due to the severity of its outcomes, online gaming addiction is frequently compared to the issues of alcoholism and drug abuse. Since this kind of popular activity affects the teenagers’ mental health, parents should limit the amount of time their children spend in the virtual reality.

5. Social Exclusion and Isolation from Society

The majority of gamers neglect their ‘real-life’ relationships with friends and family. Besides, they attempt to exclude their lives everything apart from video games and their virtual friends. In general, the problem of social isolation is the first and foremost negative outcome of online gaming addiction.

Yes or No?Taking into account all the pros and cons of social gaming mentioned above, one may note that the number of its potential benefits is equal to the number of risks and dangers. Hence, we cannot conclude that playing such video games may be dangerous for the youngsters’ health. Besides, if we cannot state that different e-Sports have nothing but a good impact on the healthy development of teenagers. In this case, one thing is for sure – social gaming should be monitored so as the negative consequences of this activity can be prevented. Finding a proper balance in playing video games is the key recommendation that should be followed.


  1. Yes, I do agree with the above pros and cons regarding the effect of social gaming. Everything in this world has both positive and negative side effects.

  2. Social gaming has both side one is good and another is bad .good for adult who time limit player and bad for child who always want to play this games that can harm his mind habit …….

  3. It’s true that some studies have shown certain video games can improve hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and the mind’s ability to process information. But too much video game playing may lead to health problems. Scientists have done dozens of studies looking to see if playing video games affects people’s health and behaviour.

  4. Social Gaming is becoming an addiction these days. There are a lot of online social games that have seeked the attention of teenagers and adolescents. I personally, as a Doctor, think that this is affecting the current generation and soon in the near future its going to be a huge problem than we think.

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