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How To Use Google Keyword Research Planner Tool


If you are a blogger and you have own blog and writes on any topic, then you must firstly known about the Google Keyword Planner Tool which is the main things to increase your ranking in search engines as well as your blog ranking also increased in Social Media’s. If you want to find anything related to any topic , you can go to search engine especially on Google. Where you can search any thing on any topic. So these data can google fetch and you can easily find what people want, using Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Keyword Research is one best and most used topic, which is every blogger should be learn from day by day. I’m also sure that, Google Keyword Planner Tool and Keyword Research are not the new terms for every blogger. But if you don’t know then it is the big mistake , and you missed out the basic of any Blog SEO.

image of How To Use Google Keyword Research Planner Tool

This tool is free of cost and you are able to use it for better ranking of your blog or even a single blog post. This tool can provides you the facility to search out how many visitors are come to that particular “keyword” and what competition is that on this keyword which you want to find.

You can use this whenever you published a new post. for example, if you write a blog post on Top Blogging Platform then you can use this tool, and search how many visitors are come to this keyword and also get some real suggestion related to your keyword. Like “Best Blog Platform” , “Top amazing blogger Platform “ etc.

It is no matter what niche you’re in or what keyword research techniques you are used, most of your time, you will be spent on Google Keyword Planner Tool.

What is Keyword Research ?

By the definition , Keyword Research is the process of finding and identifying keywords, which get the good amount of search volume/month. The basic idea behind the research is that, find the keywords that can give the maximum traffic and a lot of visitors and comes with the less competition. I will also discuss on this competition part later on this post. If you write a post on “Small Business Ideas” and it exactly match for your research tool then it is the best for you and your blog.But “Best Small Business Idea” it can gives you the different result see below.

By doing the proper research , then you will be able to find the exact related to your post keywords and get drive the huge traffic, more revenue and more niche traffic also. Whenever you want to make a small niche blog or website, then this tool provides you to get the good keywords that are benefits for you and your business.

What is Google Keyword Planner Tool ?

Google Keyword Planner Tool is an official and world best used keyword researching tool from Google. You can use this tool free of cost and get the proper research on your target keywords and also help in finding more relevant to your blog posts and your blog niche.

For using this tool, you must know about basic things :

*  You have a Gmail Account, to get the Google Adwords account , and after this you can use               Google Keyword Planner Tool. Don’t worry it’s free of charge, and you not need to spent any
    money for  using this free tool.

*  If you don’t know anything about this tool, then don’t worry, it is so simple.

*  This tool can be created to target out the Adwords Advertisers, but it still give a relevant                    information about your niche when you finding and research any keyword.

Below are some steps and complete guide how to use this tool in an easy way. Follow below steps :

Complete Guide To Google Keyword Planner Tool For SEO

Go to Official Google Keyword Planner Tool.

How To Use Google Keyword Research Planner Tool

Sign in To Your Google Adword Tool

Sign in to your Google Ad-words Account, using G-Mail account.Now in first box, you can write your desired keyword which you want to research. This is the place where you will entering your keyword. For example, you can write ” Small Business Ideas”, i’m searching this keyword using this tool. After entering your target keyword, scroll down and click on get idea’s button.All other boxes can remain the empty. See the below screen shot.

How To Use Google Keyword Research Planner Tool

Use Google Instant Search also for your Target Keyword

How To Use Google Keyword Research Planner Tool
Google Instant Search tool is my first and basic of finding my target keyword. Whenever you find a keyword first search it on Google, and get the relevant keywords which are searched out in Google . With this you can get the tons of ideas related to your target keyword. Simply go to google, and put your niche word, and simple below it can shows you the relevant keywords related to your niche, which are called as Google Instant Search Suggestion. When you find out 3 or 4 relevant words, and then go to Google Keyword Planner Tool and put it on it.

Understanding Columns in Google Keyword Tool 

When you enter the “Get Ideas” button, you will redirect to new page, where you see that four columns, now here learn about each column and their functions :

Keyword ( by relevance) :

In this column, you can find out the relevant keywords ideas related to your target keyword, and this is the main section where you get the tons of ideas about your new post as well as many new posts. In this tab, you can see many keywords which are similar to your entering word and you can also use this with your target word for better ranking.

Avg Monthly Searches :

This column can give you the whole data about the monthly total searches for that particular keyword which you research out. In this tab, you can also see that all related words and their average total monthly searches, you can easily find the most searchable keyword and use it into your posts and get high ranked in search engines.

Competition :

In this column, you can see out the competition of that particular keyword which you search out. Competition is the main thing about keyword research topic, because if the competition is High then you cannot get high ranked in search engines because there are tons of posts already published on that topic, so you cannot ranked in that word. simply choose that keyword which has low competition as well as also use medium competition , these both are best for you to get high ranking for that particular post as well as your entire blog.

Suggested Bid :

Basically it is not for your SEO related, but it can play a vital role for your blog earning especially if you used Google Adsense for your blog monitization. Because in this column, you can see out the suggested bid of that particular keyword, if its bid is so high and low competition then it is the main and primary choice for you to use it into your post. 

Now Click on ” Keyword Ideas “ and see the whole searches , monthly searches, competition and also per click suggestion bid on that particular keyword.
How To Use Google Keyword Research Planner Tool

Now below screen shot, you can see that, how many total number of monthly searches, to that exact keyword, its competition and also its suggested bid.

How To Use Google Keyword Research Planner Tool

Here is , you see that, the relevant keywords which are related to your target word and also find their competitions and total number of monthly searches and also suggested bid .

How To Use Google Keyword Research Planner Tool

What Next ?

So now i hope you can understand about the Google Keyword Research Planner Tool. I’m only use one keyword, and similarly you can find as many keywords as you can related to your blog niche. For many says, iy is little time consuming thing ,but it’s worth you don’t know, it worth is more than you can post 10 posts. So after this guide, i hope you can understand this tool and also use it for your lates posts.

Never always forget that, it is a Keyword Research is just a first and primary step, and real magic can start with your content. Because i’m always says that ” Content is King “. Moreover , never try out the black hat SEO and wrong keywords for getting some amount of traffic, because it will affect your overall blog traffic and performance.

I’m also advised you, if you have not used this tool ever in your previous published posts ,then you can use Google Keyword Planner Research Tool and optimized your all contents.

I will also come up with a new posts on this same topic as soon as possible, but for that time you can subscribed my email newsletters for getting some awesome tips and my new updates. I hope this Google Keyword Tool guide will help you a lot for finding best keywords for your new posts ever. If you any question, then please feel free to ask in comment section below.


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  3. Thanks Saleh Akram, basically if you want to getting keyword research for niche selection, then always choose those keywords which have traffic and low competition. Basically competition means that advertisers are interested in it or not. And how much advertising are done on these keywords. So you always select high traffic keywords with low competition for higher ranking in SERP's.

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