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LoopBall: The Bluetooth connected sport ball can monitor, counts & more


Loopball will be the first Bluetooth Connected Sports Ball which is created by a company called Loop. Just by naming this sports ball as ‘Loop Ball’ alone not get merged with your device. Along with it, you need to install Loop Ball Application on your smartphone and it helps you monitor, distance, counts, speed and more.

If you are into some investigation job or referees, then LoopBall will help you a bit out. Also, you can use Loopball as measuring tape to measure any length easily just by throwing the ball the end point. It can compute the Calories burnt during games and keep you healthy too! It can record hundreds of games without doing anything!

The loopball is not a regular sports ball, it comes with shockproof along with waterproof. The company claims it will float on water so that this will be your best companion to play in the beach.

LoopBall: The World's First Bluetooth connected Sport Ball

Another best feature, the Loopball features ‘Bluetooth Proximity” features that help you track the extract position of your ball. So your ball won’t get lost anymore! The loopball got enough battery backup for years and it’s too small and light weight. The LoopBall App is compatible with both Android & iOS platforms and its available in free of cost!

Loopball will be available to back via Kickstarter Campaign program page and help them manufacture the products sooner! And shipment process is expected to take place from February 2018.

Key Features of LoopBall

LoopBall is a ball with a brain, that relieves yours! Compute complex tasks is a piece of cake for LoopBall, it is able to: 

  • Count the number of rallies of the players.
  • It Can Count to infinity!
  • Compute the distance between players to rank games.
    Leave your measuring tape at home!
  • Keep track of the speed of the strokes and record average and maximum values for each round, for lightning fast games!
  • Compute the calories burnt during games! 
  • Help you find your LoopBall with the “Bluetooth proximity” feature!

Check out the demonstration video below to learn more,