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Meet Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2- The Best Smartwatch for Android

features Meet Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2- The Best Smartwatch for Android


Smartwatches are gaining more and more popularity each day and for good reason. There are many things you can do with a smartwatch like tracking your physical activity, manage your deadlines, keep a record of your location, to name a few. When talking about smartwatches, most people automatically think of the Apple Watch, but that cannot be used by Android users. Thankfully, there is a great alternative for Android users in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2. Even though it has Samsung in its name, rest assured it can easily be used with most android phones.

The Best Smartwatch for Android

Before You Buy

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is a great option for android users. When you buy this watch you will get addicted to its comfort and brilliance in no time, it will become essential to your productivity.

But before you buy this amazing piece of technology you should learn how to properly care for it so it has a long life. Always store it in a safe place, be cautious of bumps, protect it from the sun, and if you have to get any parts then get them from a trusted seller of watchmaker supplies. If you take care of your Active2, it will be your lifelong assistant and health monitor.

Meet Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

Features of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

Customizable Wallpaper

You can enjoy a wide display thanks to the very sleek and barely-there bezel. A great thing about the watch’s display is that it is completely customizable. You might be thinking that it just allows you to select your favorite wallpaper but it does so much more.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 allows you to take a picture of your dress and then creates a corresponding wallpaper for your watch display. If you are a fashionista you will definitely enjoy the ability to make one watch match all your outfits. It is a great way to add some style to the piece of tech on your wrist.

Personalized Choices

The customization options are not just limited to the display. Samsung gives you a wide variety of options to create your own Active2 watch, like choosing between the 2 diameter variations, the 44mm, and the 40mm. You get to choose if you want the Aluminum or the Steel body and if you want your watch to support Bluetooth or LTE. There is also a wide variety of straps that you can choose from. All these options make sure you end up with a watch that is uniquely yours.

Fitness Assistant Meet Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2- The Best Smartwatch for Android

Fitness Assistant

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, as its name suggests, is great for fitness enthusiasts. There are many advantages of tracking your workouts, and the Active2 will allow you to enjoy all of them. It allows you to track 9 types of physical activities including swimming, rowing, running, walking, cycling, elliptical trainer and even dynamic workouts.

Not only does it provide you detailed data about your exercise habits, but it also has a running-coach that analyzes your run in real-time and gives you advice.

Health Tracker

The Active2 also caters to your sleep, mental health, and stress management. You can track your sleep cycle and levels of stress. If you are very stressed, the watch will guide you through some breathing exercises that will have you relaxed in no time.

The watch has 8 photodiodes on the backside which come in contact with your skin. These help track your heart-rate. The Active2 keeps a close eye on your heart-rate and notifies you if it gets more or less than the normal range. This feature is extremely helpful for those who have a heart condition.

Sync To Your Phone

If you are sick of carrying your phone everywhere, this watch will allow you to leave it behind without worrying about losing the connectivity. The LTE assistant in Active2 allows you to import your messages and contacts into the watch and keep in touch even on the go. You can even import your favorite music into the watch and listen to it on your next run or visit to the gym.

The battery lasts more than 24 hours so you don’t have to worry about the watch turning off. And when you get back home you can easily recharge it with the wireless charger.

Additional Features

The Samsung Galaxy Active2 is not just a health monitor but also a personal assistant. You can sync it with your Android phone and attend calls on-the-go using the WiFi. You can take better, more artistic pictures by controlling your camera with your watch.

If you are a busy person who is always on the move but still needs to be active on social media, then this watch is for you. Because it allows you to like social media posts right from your watch. It is also a great companion to have on international travel because it can translate many languages in real-time.

If you are worried that it will be difficult to maneuver the watch’s limited interface to perform such a wide variety of tasks, then don’t, because the main screen provides quick shortcuts to all the active apps.


Android users can also enjoy all the benefits of a smartwatch thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 watch. It is a very sleek design that can be customized to a large extent. It has many great features like syncing to your phone and on-the-go translations. Fitness enthusiasts and heart-health conscious people should definitely buy this due to its tracking abilities. It is a great purchase that will make your life not only easier but a lot better and productive.