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New age activities, chakras and crystals in Sedona, Arizona

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Chakras and crystals – In the recent years, Sedona, Arizona has become a favorite destination for new age followers. Its breathtaking natural beauty, eye popping red rock formations, energy centers called vortexes attract millions of people that visit Sedona every year. Artists and writers find Sedona a fulfilling place to express their creativity. Sedona abounds in psychics, energy healers, alternative health practitioners, aura readers, new age musicians, teachers offering yoga retreats, and reiki crystals workshops to name just a few.

To the casual tourist who wants to enjoy the natural beauty of the red rocks and spend a relaxing weekend in Sedona, there are several spas and hiking trails. For the metaphysical seeker, Sedona is home to many businesses that offer a variety of services and activities that are deeply satisfying and spiritually fulfilling.

Sedona’s Vortexes

Sedona’s vortexes are famous all over the world. Simply put, a vortex is a place of highly concentrated energy. This spiritual energy is reiki healing chakras, conducive to meditation and generally uplifting. Electric or magnetic, Male or female, Upflow or inflow are some terms to describe the type of balanced energy inhabiting a vortex, as the nature of balanced energy is different depending on the strength and location of the vortex and type of rock formation.

There are several vortex tours to these high energy sites where visitors can have a first hand feel of the balanced energy. Some people feel the balanced energy of the vortex as tingling sensations all over the body. Some others may feel nothing different. Depending on the sensitivity of the individual’s body and their state of mind, these experiences differ from person to person. Every visit to the same vortex site could be different, even for the same person. The main vortex sites that have been identified in Sedona are:

Airport Mesa
Bell Rock
Boynton Canyon
Cathedral Rock

Getting Your Aura Photograph Taken in Sedona

Aura is the invisible balanced energy field around a person’s physical body. Diseases are said to originate in the aura long before they manifest in the physical body. A large, strong and clear aura indicates a charismatic person that people are drawn to. A small, blurred or muddled aura indicates physical and/or mental issues. There are many places to get an aura photograph taken and interpreted in Sedona.

Getting Read By a Sedona Psychic

Psychics are sixth sensory people that can sense a person’s balanced energy field and make predictions. Many psychics and healers prefer to live in Sedona as the environment is conducive to their spiritual pursuit. Whether the tool used is astrology, numerology, Intuition, Tarot or hypnosis, there is a lot of choice to pick among the better and more reliable psychics to get a reading.

Sedona’s Yoga Retreats and Healing Workshops

Many yoga centers hold their yoga retreats in Sedona to enhance an already energizing experience. Reiki crystals and other forms of balanced energy healing workshops are conducted all year round amidst the scenic red rocks. Chakras and crystals are considered concentrated balanced energy store vibrating at a specific frequency depending on the type of gemstone. Chakras and crystals healing involve using a crystal of a specific vibration to affect the vibration of the body’s aura. Crystal healing services are also offered at various locations in Sedona.

Whether a psychic reading or an aura photograph is within the average visitor’s comfort level or not, Sedona’s alluring natural beauty is most often reason enough to visit the ever-green high desert town. For spiritual seekers, being in a highly energized environment, and having all their metaphysical needs catered to, in one place might be just the incentive to keep coming to Sedona again and again.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Sedona is a new age haven.

What Constitutes New Age?

From its days in early 19th century, to its resurgence in the 60’s and 70’s, the new age movement has come a long way. While some traditionalists might frown at the new-fangled, untested ideas and philosophies of the “new agers,” many new age beliefs and practices are actually derived from ancient sources and have stood the test of time.

New Age Beliefs

Some New Age beliefs include:

Universal love and acceptance.
Science and spirituality are in harmony with each other.
We are all connected beings.
Thoughts and emotions are powerful and life changing.

What Constitutes New Age

New age is really a newly packaged collection of ancient belief systems spanning several centuries and continents. Some of its chief influences are from:

Hinduism and Buddhism – Bhagvad Gita, philosophies of Vedanta and Advaita have been instrumental in molding some of the very basic beliefs of the new age community. Principles of past life regression, reincarnation, a powerful female Goddess in addition to a male God, are embedded in these ancient cultures. Hinduism is considered the oldest known spiritual tradition in the world.

Gnosticism – Gnosticism believes that humans are divine souls trapped in a material world. Gnostic sects are believed to have existed prior to the first century BCE.

Mind Body Medicine – New age beliefs about medicine are that physical disease is a manifestation of physical, mental and emotional imbalances. The Ayurvedic system of medicine, which is believed to be 5000 years old, followed a holistic healing method, involving the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the person being treated and these principles are used in many disciplines of alternative medicine.

Astrology – Predictions and explanations based on the relative positions of celestial bodies, astrology is believed to have its earliest recorded beginnings in 3rd century BC

Energy Healing – “Reiki” or the ancient Japanese practice of channeling the universal spiritual energy for healing, is said to have been rediscovered by Dr.Mikao Usui in 1922. Now, Reiki has is popular all over the western and eastern world.

Channeled Inspiration – Many new age books of our time are works of channeled material (of non-physical entities) that impart thought provoking words of wisdom. Some of them are Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks, Michael channeled by many around the world, Orin and Daben channeled by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.

Meditation – The ancient practice of quieting the mind has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, relieve life style related disorders.

Shamanism – Shamanism, considered 40,000 years old, is a range of beliefs that are concerned with communication between the physical and the spirit world.

Wicca – This is a neopagan, duotheistic, nature based religion whose followers worship a God and a Goddess.

Quantum Physics – According Dr.Amit Goswami (a theoretical quantum physicist), “Quantum physics is the physics of possibilities.” Reality is identified with perception of the observer. Principles of new age believers such as, “Positive thinking attracts a positive, healthy and abundant life,” find acceptance and support among the quantum physics community of scientists.

New Age beliefs can be thought of as the collage of the best aspects of the east and the west – the ancient and the modern. Its non-rigidity appeals to followers that prefer not to conform to strict standards of their ancestral religion.

New Age could be one of many answers to the inquiries of the global human, who is defined less by his/her region, religion, nationality or ethnicity, who speaks the universal language of love, compassion, respect and acceptance.


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