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How To Have Parental Control On Kid’s iPhone


Apple’s iPhone is like a cigarette. It is highly addictive and widely marketed to kids. However, the device maker has been urged to address phone addiction and forced to curb the sales efforts toward children. In response, several new controls have been introduced to help the parents have full control on the device while the kids are using. Below are some of those discussed:

Disable some apps

Your child may not need all the apps. It is suggested to disable those. You can toggle off some of the non-required apps from the Allow section like the younger one may not need Safari and access the internet at large. You can even turn off the camera to FaceTime. It is also recommended to prevent them from installing or deleting apps.

Content restrictions

You can prevent your child from buying R-rated movies or other related stuff by choosing Limit Adult Content. Content rating for apps, books, podcasts and music is another way to prevent your younger one to get restricted content.

Privacy settings

Even you can bar your child from making changes to apps. Check for Location Services and enable it. Also choose Don’t Allow Changes for Share My Location. In this case the location tracking cannot be disabled. Don’t forget the check the Photos line and know which apps are able to access those. You can be okay with the Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram apps, but it is suggested to toggle off for other apps. Do know that photos cannot be deleted if hosted anywhere on the internet. So precaution is better.

Prevent changes

You can also prevent your child from making changes. Head to the Restrictions page and thereafter to the Allowed changes section. Don’t forget to enable Do Not Disturb While Driving. This feature is a must for everyone, even for you. Don’t talk while driving. It breaks concentration you could be at risk of accident.

Game center settings

Try to always disable Multiplayer Games so that the kids only plays the game on the device and not with other players on the internet. Head to the bottom of Restrictions page after clicking on Settings and disable there. If possible, turn off the adding friends option at the Game Center account.

Ask to buy

Add the iPhone to Family Sharing after complying with the above. You an save money by sharing App Store purchases as well as iCloud storage space. In case your child is below 13 years of age, it is suggested to create a child account. Head to Settings > Family Sharing > Add Family Member > Create a Child Account.

You need to agree to parent privacy disclosure here after submitting birthday of the child. After creation of the child account you can turn on Ask to Buy feature to approve App Store purchases.

Take note that for kids below 12 years the Ask to Buy feature comes enabled.