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Pokemon Magikarp Jump released on Play Store


Pokemon Magikarp Jump released on Play Store. Magikarp Jump is a new game, which was silently released on the Google Play Store a few hours ago. This is a game where you’ll be training a Magikarp to jump higher than other Magikarps in a league.

Magikarp is of Water Pokemon species, it is a fish to be precise and probably the weakest Pokemon in the entire series.Pokemon Magikarp

In the beginning of the game; a new Professor gives you Pokémon journey introduction. The player will be given a trainer from the professor and the first assignment of the player is to grab a Magikarp by fishing.

After catching a Pokemon Magikarp, the real game begins. Player will have a pond to feed Magikarp by tapping bits of floating food. Then the player will train his/her Magikarp. Training can be given by simply pressing a button every thirty minutes to get experience points.

After the training time passes, the player will grow Magikarp and will make it ready for battling.In the battle, there will two trainers in a lead with their Magikarp will battle against each other. Whos Magikarp jumps to a maximum height would be the winner.

Players can continue playing with the same Magikarp until it is maxed out. The fish is retired when the player looses a match and player will start again with new Magikarp.

The game is released globally and is available for download on Google Play Store.