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Quetext Review: The Best Intelligent Plagiarism Checker Tool

Quetext Review: The Best Intelligent Plagiarism Checker Tool

Quetext Review: What’s in a name of person? Rather “It’s in the work of a person”. This saying has always motivated me to do better and better at every step of life. It would not be wrong if I relate this to your lives as well. Isn’t it?? Well, we all the know the importance of hard work and dedication in our lives. Our work must be our prime duty and transparency towards it makes us reach the heights of success.

But in this translucent world, where following each other blindly and copying each other has become a trend, it’s important for us to retain our originality as an individual as well as towards our work.

Plagiarism is common nowadays and it’s our responsibility to keep our original work safe and secured. A lot of hard work goes into the production of high-quality content, and the very thought of others trying to get a free pass through our hard work is quite tough to bear. In this competitive world, one needs to be original with their own creative ideas and thoughts simply because Nobody likes a copycat !! PERIOD.

WIth proliferation of plagiarism, various efforts and steps are being taken to reduce and eradicate it. It poses a lot of problem for online content writers and online website dealers to protect their content from copy and pasting. With many plagiarism websites checker coming up, QUETEXT website has made its way in the long run too. It has shown tremendous growth in recent months. Quetext is one of the Best Plagiarism Checker Tools available online.

What is Quetext?

Quetext is leading plagiarism detection software, providing service to 1 million teachers, students and professional worldwide. It’s a new find for us. This service works in similar manner as that of another websites but it is more modern. Simply copy and paste your text and press go . You will be presented with the list of URL’s  with identical or near identical copy to your own , if there are any. This plagiarism detector is also available as a widget. Overall, it’s an Advanced plagiarism checker with many professional features. Also the Quetext claims,

Trusted by over 1 million students, teachers, and professionals worldwide

The main objective of Quetext is to keep your work in secured hands. It’s goal is to empower writers and other online workers  with a sense of security in their work. Their main agenda is to ensure that the users have all the rights to maintain their work. So when you use quetext, rest assured knowing all your work will never end up in hands of someone else.

Being such an amazing detecting tool, it offers many specific features which make it stand out in its own unique way.

Features of Quetext Plagiarism Tool

Intelligent Plagiarism Checker Quetext

#1. DeepSearch

DeepSearch is one of the amazing features from Quetext that checks your text for similarities against billions of sources. Isn’t cool? So these type of Best Plagiarism Checker tool needs such kinda feature like DeepSearch to detect the copied content on your content, blog or on any text files.

#2. Multiple File Upload

You can upload 5 files at a time to check papers simultaneously. It is efficient in supporting Microsoft Word, PDF formats, plain text formats etc.

#3. Unlimited Searches and Reports

Search as many reports as you’d like !!! You can easily view all your files, access them and delete them within your account. This feature needs a premium Quetext account.

#4. No Banner Ads

One of the best features it offers is the Ad-free interface. Ads are distracting and annoying, that ‘s why PRO accounts are 100% free.

#5. Word Limit 

It has extended offed of word limit up to 25000. That’s is almost 50 pages! Again, this feature is only available for Quetext Pro users.

Now as these features fit in well with our requirements, the price of any product is something mandatory to discuss.  The variations on price are proportional to the facilities provided. It’s a universal rule, I guess!

For a basic search, you don’t have to spend out any bucks.So chill and relax!!. The Quetext can scan a lot of documents over seconds and gives the result in no time.

For availing all the above pro features, $9.99 is the cost. Quite reasonable! After all, you get all the good QueText Pro features, offering unlimited access in some areas. You will be billed for your pro account once in a month, starting from the day of your subscription to your last date of subscription.

Signing up for the new account is free and easy and after that, you can enjoy as per your requirement.

How does QueText Works?

Quetext Review: The Best Intelligent Plagiarism Checker Tool

Step 1: Upload your Document

If you upgraded to Pro version, then you can upload the files directly or else you can copy & paste your document text into the box on the home page. Then click the start button and move ahead.

Step 2: Scanning your Content

Wait for sometimes until the scanning process completes. You can see that the Deepsearch algorithm parses through your text file or content against the billions of contents online along with multiple database references. Once the process gets completed, the phrase being checked are highlighted blue.

Step 3: View Matches

Here comes the main thing! If you find the phrase is in red, then there are more chances for plagiarism was found. To check the matching source, just Click the red phrases.

Step 4: View The Results

Now the Results will appear below and with a percentage value that shows the similarity percentage. That’s it!

Quetext Free Plagiarism Checker Worth it?

Yep, the Free Quetext version also comes with similar features like the Pro version. Yeah, I mean it! Some features like Multiple Language Support, Free Unlimited Usage, No Signup or Downloads, Advanced Lexical Analysis and overall its free to use. Just you need to copy-paste the content and wait!

But it’s always good to upgrade to premium version to enjoy all features and your content will be unique as 110%. It’s upon your decision whether you afford or not! Comparing to other Best Plagiarism tools, Quetext offering the Pro version for damn cheap.

Quetext: The Free Intelligent Plagiarism Detector

The technology used by the software is worth to be appreciated. This technology goes beyond simple string matching. Quetext technology can even find text that has been slightly rewritten. It is smart enough to detect which phrase to mark as matched, based on how similar it is to the source. Seeing the extent of plagiarism, it has become a major issue to protect online work and content from all sorts of copying and pasting.

Quetext has emerged to be a powerful factor in solving this issue to much extent. It was something really needed for the protection and privacy of the original work. Though, nothing in this world is as original as it appears to be but copy pasting other’s work for your own benefits is kind of offensive and illegal. So, keep doing the good work and be YOU!! 

Don’t forget to share your views about the Best Plagiarism Tool: Quetext in the comment section. Stay tuned for more updates!

Quetext Review


Quetext Free versions come with Multiple Language Support, Free Unlimited Usage, No Signup or Downloads, Advanced Lexical Analysis and overall its free to use. These features make Quetext the Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tool.