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7 Reasons to Choose WordPress If you are a Student

7 Reasons to Choose WordPress If you are a Student

With a high stake in all the websites today, WordPress is arguably one the most versatile website building platforms today. It is also one of the most preferred platforms for those who want to start doing freelance writing jobs. Through a blogging a WordPress platform, one can share his writing or any other skill with the world.

In this post, you are going to learn about more reasons why choosing WordPress would be the best decision a student can make. But first,

Popularity Sneak Preview

robust website management

World’s most reputed brands use WordPress, and it’s not coincidental. The platform presents robust website management features you cannot find anywhere else. News media outlets like Time Magazine and New York Times use it. Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, including entertainment companies like Disney, not to mention online retail platforms such as eBay who also make up WordPress Community.

Why should a student do the same?

1.      Open Source

Almost every costs money on the web these days, and because students have limited finances, accessing programming packages, learning tools and blogging opportunities are never easy.  However, as a free source, WordPress takes away all the worries.

2.      It is safe and secure

Cyber crimes are on the rise and without a strong security system to keep personal data safe, many would be risking a lot of things such as privacy of financial information.  The platform comes with hi-tech security layers. There is also a high chance that top essay services like Writersdepartment use WordPress, which means your paper purchases are secure.

3.      Ease of use for learners

Even for students learning to programme, WordPress provides simplified HTML coding and Java lessons for free. It means, there is never anything too difficult to learn when you choose the platform. Moreover, it provides free website templates for anyone who wants to start a project from scratch.

4.      Hassle Free SEO Tips

One of the biggest challenges in running a website is making it search-engine friendly. However, that is nothing to worry about because the platform provides SEO plugins that do content optimization for you, including Yoast that comes at student-friendly cost.

5.      Simplified content management

In some way, WordPress operates like a tag management tool. Once you have a website or blog set up, everything is set and goes. The Admin board has a feature that lets track website visits, content engagement, and analysis traffic channels. Every student needs something easy to use and tools that make it possible are available.

6.      Easy of media upload

Another reason why students should prefer WordPress to any other platform is that fact it is easy to share/publish media content (images, audio, and videos) on the platform. You can also embed the same from third parties like YouTube, in which case, a page visitor can watch everything on your site.

7.      Have fun playing with free themes and plugins

Have fun playing with free themes and plugins

You will never have access to as many themes and plugins anywhere as you would on WordPress free of charge. It is another reason why a student who wants to learn everything about website building should choose the platform.

In summary, ease of use, popularity, versatility, responsiveness and customizable nature of WordPress are the top reasons why it still beats most platforms for website creation. And for a student, anything as easy as this is worth giving a try.