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When you need to replace your shock absorbers

When you need to replace your shock absorbers

Shock absorbers are essential for the well-functioning of your car. When they wear out or experience damage you need to replace them with spare parts or risk the safety of the vehicle and the passengers in it.

Today, we are looking at symptoms of shock absorbers damage and the right time for their replacement. We also suggest quick-fix solutions and places where you can buy car parts to substitute the deteriorated elements on your car.

How long does a shock absorber last?

Shock absorbers are also called dampers because they dampen or soften the shocks of bumps in the road. Unfortunately, they have a limited lifecycle, which varies depending on the conditions in which you drive your car. Most of them may last as many as 5 years, while some can barely make it beyond 3 years of intensive use.


Depending on the vehicle that you have, shock absorbers may be one of these versions:

  • Basic twin-tube absorbers
  • Monotube absorbers
  • PSD shock absorbers
  • Gas-filled absorbers
  • Reservoir absorbers

Signs of damage on shock absorbers

After a few years of use, the shock absorbers on your car could display several signs of wearing and tearing. You should notice some of these signs on a simple, close-up inspection that you can perform even if you do not have mechanical experience. Take your time to look closely to the dampers on your vehicle and you might find:

  • Oil Stains
  • Scalloped dips in the tires
  • Shock bushing
  • Suspension damage

If you encounter one or all of these signs, you should take the necessary steps to replace the shock absorbers. Check the car manual and see what kind of spare parts you require. Contact a reliable car parts seller and find the dampers that suit your vehicle.

Even if you might find changing the shock absorbers on your car as a fun DIY project, you should leave this job to professionals. An experienced mechanic can replace the dampers quickly and ensure the security of your car.

Symptoms that point to shock absorber replacement

Even if you are not an experienced driver, you should notice when your shock absorbers require changing. There are obvious signals that the vehicle emits when the dampers are not functioning properly. You should pick up on these symptoms and consider replacing them as soon as possible. Here are the most common signs that point to their replacement:

Longer stopping distance

A damaged shock absorber may increase your stopping distance and diminish your control over the vehicle. Driving at a high speed will require a longer time to stop and subsequently lengthen the braking distance if your dampers are worn out. This situation could result in a severe accident since you cannot avoid certain obstacles especially if you anticipate them late.

Swerving difficulties and nosedives

When your car has damaged shock absorbers you will notice its front part dip whenever you brake. Alternatively, you might experience unnatural swerving in wet weather or when you diminish your traveling speed abruptly. In these situations, you risk losing control of the car and hit nearby objects or pedestrians.

Vehicle sliding and veering

Shock absorbers that are old or worn out can cause your car to slide from the back or veer when taking swift turns at a high speed. This unwanted car movement can also take place on windy roads or open highways.

Strong vibrations and sounds

A damaged shock absorber will make your vehicle vibrate in an unnatural manner. This unpleasant event occurs because the dampers cannot soften the bumps in the road anymore. You could feel these vibrations in your wheel, car seat and when touching the dashboard.

Additionally, you may hear rattling sounds when traveling at high speeds. Again, if you fail to address the condition of the shock absorbers you risk experiencing dangerous accidents with potentially severe consequences.

Rocking and rattling

Driving often on bumpy roads can wear out your shock absorbers in just a couple of years. Going over railway tracks or rutted surfaces can easily damage the dampers, so you should change them regularly with spare parts. Experiencing rocking and rattling of the car should point to this necessary measure.

Uneven tire wear

Check out the tires, if they have uneven wears on their surface it means that they do not make even contact with the road. This sign is a clear symptom of a damaged shock absorber that prevents the wheel from taking the entire weight of the car evenly.

Where to buy shock absorbers

When you need to replace the shock absorbers on your car make sure that you purchase these spare parts from an expert car parts dealer like Boodmo. This company offers professional services and a broad range of high-quality dampers from premium brands and trusted manufacturers. Buying shock absorbers from this website ensures speedy delivery and a quick solution to your vehicle’s problems.


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