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Save money on auto insurance premiums

Save money on auto insurance premiums

If auto insurance premiums are breaking the bank, comparing online car insurance quotes before buying can help cut costs. Auto insurance discounts and increasing deductibles can also help families and individuals reduce premiums and save money on car insurance.

Compare Online Car Insurance Quotes

Compare online car insurance quotes before buying a policy. Comparison websites allow people to find insurance at the best rates. Before signing up for the least expensive policy, make sure the insurance company provides excellent customer service and superior claims service. Research consumer reviews of insurance companies online in forums, blogs and websites. It’s always a good idea to talk to friends and family members before comparing online car insurance quotes to find out who they use for their auto insurance and if they like the company.

Auto Insurance Discounts

Many people are eligible for auto insurance discounts. Discounts for car insurance include:

  • The most common discounts for car insurance include association or car club memberships, having multiple policies with the same insurance company, senior citizen discounts, safety and security equipment (like airbags, car alarms and seat belts), a clean driving record or completing a defensive driver course.
  • Students under 25 can also receive discounts if they have very good to excellent grades.
  • New cars may also be eligible for a better rate on online car insurance premiums.
  • All of the auto insurance discounts listed here vary by insurance company. There may be more or less discounts available depending upon where the car is located and who insures the vehicle.

Increase Deductibles to Save Money on Auto Insurance

Increasing deductibles can also help save money on an auto insurance policy. Insurance agents and insurance comparison websites will encourage prospective customers to select standard options for deductibles. However, customers have the freedom to choose the coverages they want to save money on auto insurance. Increasing comprehensive and collision deductibles can shave money off of auto insurance premiums. Eliminating comprehensive and collision coverages altogether and just buying a “liability only” auto insurance policy will also save money. Before increasing deductibles or dropping comp and collision coverages, it’s important to make sure that an accident can be paid for out of pocket.

Save Money on Homeowners Insurance

There are a number of ways to save money on homeowner’s insurance quotes. Before getting a home insurance quote, compare prices, improve credit scores, consider increasing deductibles and use every available discount to save money.

Compare Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Compare homeowners insurance quotes before buying coverage.

  • Check online at insurance comparison websites to find the best deal. People who belong to a professional association or have retired may check to see what kinds of insurance discounts they can get through their club membership or through the AARP.
  • Weigh consumer reviews alongside prices to get the best overall deal on a homeowners insurance quote.
  • Online insurance company ratings at A.M. Best. and from other third-party rating companies can also provide information about insurance companies.
  • Friends and family can also provide input into getting a homeowner’s insurance quote. Compare their comments with information available online about the companies.

Improve Credit Scores before Getting Home Insurance Quotes

Save money on homeowner’s insurance by improving a credit score. Homeowner’s insurance companies use credit scores to help determine pricing. Ordering a credit report with a credit score is a worthwhile endeavor before getting home insurance quotes. The information provided gives a good idea of what homeowner’s insurance companies see when they will run their credit report. In addition, the information will provide some unbiased input on what to do to improve credit scores. If there are late payments or other negative entries on a credit report, work to get them removed before getting home insurance quotes.

Increase Deductibles to Save Money on Homeowner’s Insurance

Increasing a homeowner’s insurance policy deductible can help families save money on their home insurance policy. Insurance agents might recommend a home insurance quote with a deductible of $500, but customers can go higher. A $1,000 deductible will save money- maybe as much as 25% annually- on the home insurance policy.

Homeowner’s Insurance Discounts

There are a number of eligible homeowner’s insurance discounts to help families save money.

  • Dead bolts, burglar alarms and smoke detectors installed properly in a home can help families and individuals save as much as 5-10% on insurance.
  • Save even more money on homeowner’s insurance by installing more sophisticated burglar and fire alarms- as much as 20% off of the annual premium.
  • Senior citizens often get an automatic discount of 10%.
  • If customers have more than one policy with the same insurance company, they can most likely get a multi-policy discount – on average, they can shave about 10% off of the homeowner’s insurance policy premium.

Discounts are often automatically added to the homeowner’s insurance policy when the policy is renewed each year.