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SB Game Hacker APK { Latest Version )

SB Game Hacker APK

As the latest version of Android is upgrading day by day the technology and quality of the smart phone are also increasing day by day, 4GB RAM is normal nowadays and I personally love to play the games on my smartphone. So, imagine you could modify the games you want so you are on right post, in this post, we will discuss the game modifying the application, i.e. SB GAME HACKER and I felt it easier than any other modification tool. This app will give you the liberty to play the game the way you want it to play because we can get unlimited lives, money, gold etc.,

Best part it will not annoy you with the boring advertisements or will not ask money to install or register for the full version of this app or premium version.

You can download the download sb game apk app directly with the site without any formality or boring processes.


Version           4.0(latest)
Updated onJan 9,2017
size969 KB



  1. The game is accurate, you can search what you get in the game for e.g. Suppose you 580 coins in a game the enter this number in the SB GAME HACKER now if you get only one data edit to say,899 now you will have 899 coins in that game instead of 580 coins.
  2. SB GAME HACKER give you the permission to do FUZZY SEARCH. you can enter the precise price rather than the accurate price.
  3. It gives you the FLOATING POINT (decimal). if the value is not an integer then this option can be used.
  4. DATA FILTERING determines the range of data and improves the efficiency.

Languages Supported are: English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese.

Download and install SB GAME HACKER

SB Game Hacker APK

NOTE: This app can only be executed on the rooted phones.

Follow the steps below to install and know how to use the app.

Step 1: Download SB GAME HACKER app, you will not this app on Google play store, search this app on the phone browser.

STEP 2: Install the downloaded app before that allow the unknown sources settings to install this app.

Now, we will discuss how to use this app.

NOTE: No sooner you open the app you will see that the app is in Chinese, do not panic after you accept the license then you can change the language to English and use this app easily.


Step 1: Now after tabbing yes on the Chinese, you have got a license agreement that was in the Chinese language.

Step 2: After this, the app exists and a message comes on the screen i.e. requesting root access.

So, you must have your rooted smartphone.

Step 3: An information box comes on the screen that will just ask you about logos/icons. Tab on the screen and it will exit.

Step 4: The SB GAME HACKER minimizes and you will the floating widget of this game on the left corner of the screen.

Step 5: Now, Open the game you want to try this app with.

Step 6: Play the game in order to collect some coin and after that tab on the floating widget of the SB GAME HACKER.

Step 7: A search box appears on the screen, enter your current score in that box and tab on the search icon.

Step 8: Now, if after searching only one data comes on the screen then edit the value and put any value of your desire. And enjoy the game.

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