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Self employment ideas for home-based business


DJs and musicians have very marketable skills which easily translate into home-based business. Using a few fairly standard self employment ideas, a hard-working and talented individual can learn how to make money as a musician.

How to Make Money as a Musician

Play the guitar? Violin? Piano? Know how to spin a few hot sounds on the turntables? There are lots of ways musicians can make money. By using a few self employment ideas, skill and talent can become cash. DJ and musician services, in fact, can be a highly lucrative home-based business. However, this is one career path that does require some initial investment and equipment. Working DJs and/or musicians will need to have:

Instrument(s). What’s a musician without something to play? Only vocalists are going to get off cheap on this one. Musicians who already have their own guitar, violin, keyboard, etc. need not make an extra purchase unless they need an instrument which is more portable and/or publicly viewable.

Equipment. Musicians, even vocalists, might need some equipment to go along with the job. Amplifiers, microphones and other devises designed to make the music more audible in large crowds, for instance. DJs and musicians also need to have their own stock of music to play. These professionals will also need lights, turntables, amplifiers and everything else it requires to fully erect a working area.

Computer or laptop with Internet access. The Internet is one of those no-brainer self employment ideas. This can be your key to creating a successful home-based business, and it’s a must-have even for entrepreneurs who choose to work locally. It is very easy to learn how to use the Internet and create a personal business Web site, so don’t shy away due to lack of computer knowledge.

Self Employment Ideas for Home-Based Businesses

Want to make money as a musician or DJ? Some basic self employment ideas can help any type of entrepreneur launch their own home-based business. Here’s a secret: self-promotion is pretty much the key to making money in self employment. Anyone who can sell themselves and their skills can succeed. Get started with a few basics, and build business from here:

A Web site. Don’t be afraid! Creating a business Web site is incredibly easy and in fact, it can even be free if the entrepreneur chooses. Choose a site that offers Web site services and get started. These sites offer online tutorials and point-and-click design elements to make it very, very simple to create a business Web site. The site should list services, contact information, perhaps even audio files which can be downloaded and/or heard in real time.

Local listings. Create a yellow pages entry and advertise in free local papers, provided there are any. Musicians and DJs may also want to post flyers in public locations. Remember that DJs and musicians make money by advertising their services for weddings and other events. Listing locally is often overlooked as a self employment idea, but it works.

Self Employment Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can use self employment ideas to create their own work at home opportunities, starting home-based businesses and freelancing careers which could be highly lucrative. Want to know where to start and how to make it happen? Explore four different ideas…one of them just might be the key to a whole new career.

Self Employment Ideas

There are lots of work at home opportunities which professionals can learn how to use to create their own home-based businesses. Start a new career using self employment ideas:

  • Start a home-based recording studio. The indy music industry thrives as part of local and underground scenes all over the world. Who knows? Today’s up-and-comers could easily become tomorrow’s big recording stars. Many recording studios begin out of the home, and this can be a great work at home opportunity for professionals who love working with music.
  • Become a freelance music instructor. Speaking of music, people who can teach anything are always greatly in demand. Music instructors can find freelance gigs that allow them to teach from the home or even online, earning with self employment ideas that are used by many entrepreneurs.
  • Create an alteration/dressmaking business. Professionals who are skillful with a needle have the option of creating a home-based business that could create a lot of self employment opportunities. Dressmakers, tailors and seamstresses can promote their services to drum up lots of local business, especially in wedding and prom seasons.
  • Work at home through phone-based businesses. There are lots of phone-based businesses which use work at home professionals on a subcontractor basis. Psychic and sex phone lines, for instance, are always looking for operators who can work on their own, unsupervised. Anyone with a pleasant speaking voice and a willingness to work can make use of these self employment ideas to create a brand-new career.

Work at Home Opportunities

There are literally thousands of work at home opportunities which entrepreneurs can use to create home-based businesses and/or freelancing careers. Self employment is limited only by the ideas each individual can think up- or find- for themselves. What does it take to work at home full-time? Start with a good idea and a strong will to work.

Self employment doesn’t have to include an initial investment, but it can be slow going in the beginning. It’s a good idea to have some money saved up before launching into full-time work at home, even when the opportunities and ideas are solid. Perseverance and a strong work ethic are the two greatest tools of the trade- so use them, and create a new career.