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SHFT Virtual Running Coach Review – World’s First Digital Running Coach

SHFT Virtual Running Coach Review

Today’s article features the SHFT Virtual Running Coach review, the “World’s First Digital Running Coach”.

There is no doubt that running is one of the most efficient workouts one can do in order to stay healthy and in shape. The main advantage of running as a workout is that it does not require any additional equipment and can be performed no matter where you are. All you need to do in order to get a perfect run is to get out and run!

However, did you know that the way you run will alter the effects that the run has on your body? Not every runs effect the same way on your health and in order to get maximum exercise out of every run, you need to do it the right way.

SHFT Virtual Running Coach Review

Well, now you don’t have to hire a running coach to increase the efficiency of your running habits, as the latest SHFT wearable is ready to take that job. The SHFT is marketed as the “World’s First Digital Running Coach” and their tagline says “Run Right”!

So today we take the SHFT virtual running coach wearable for a run and below is our SHFT virtual running coach review.

SHFT Virtual Running Coach Review:

The SHFT Fitness wearable, dubbed as a digital running coach primarily works with the help of two pods with intelligent sensors, one which is placed on your chest and the other that is placed on your feet. Several sensors from each of the two pod collect various pieces of information every second, scanning your body metrics and running style so as to provide you real-time coaching on your run.

SHFT Virtual Running Coach Review

All of the data taken from the two pods can be viewed, stored and analyzed later on the SHFT application that is available on both the Android and iOS operating systems.

SHFT Virtual Running Coach Review

Talking about the pods itself, both of them are constructed with the running people in mind, which means the pods can take a beat in the puddle or sink in your sweat and still work without taking a beat. All the recordings and measurements are accurate even when taken for a rough run. As these pods are attached to your body, the clips used are really tough and the pods have a very grippy surface as well, thus ensuring that it won’t fall off while running.

Buy the SHFT Virtual Running Coach:

SHFT Virtual Running Coach Review

If you are impressed by the SHFT Virtual running coach review written above and if you want to buy yourself an SHFT Fitness wearable, then you can buy the same at a steal price of just €199 for a pair of pods from their official store by clicking here.

Final Words:

If you found the SHFT Virtual Running Coach review helpful and if any of your friends are in search for a similar product to improve their running experience, then do share this article with them. Or if you already using the SHFT Virtual Running coach, then leave your own SHFT Virtual Running Coach review as a comment below.

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SHFT Review
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SHFT the World’s First Digital Running Coach!