Home Speakers Smart Home: What’s The Best?

Smart Home: What’s The Best?

Smart Home What’s The Best

A smart home system is an advanced technological system that operates automatically. It is the most recent trend identified to bring comfort and security improvement to the daily lives of human beings.

A smart home uses two premium components to run the home. The two elements are:

• Controlling system (central processing unit)
• A remote or a trigger that is user-friendly

The user communicates with the central processing unit which is usually installed at the center of the home using the trigger or remote. The user can interact with the central processing from any distant location as long as there is an internet connection.
If you currently own smart home and you have plans to upgrade it into a more advanced smart home, here is a list of top 3 smart home systems you can consider.

Best Smart Home Systems
Best Smart Home Systems

Wink Hub 2

Wink Hub 2 is the original smart home system hub mainly designed to assist conventional consumers. This device is not limited to any brand loyalty, and this feature allows the user to choose and pick various smart product makes and join them smoothly.

Wink Hub 2 is compatible with smart home protocols such as Kidde, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Lutron ClearConnect, and Z-Wave.

Wink Hub 2 is the best device for people who want to design a fully incorporated smart home combined with both the wall and kitchen appliances in-sync. Wink Hub 2 can also be downloaded from App Store and assist you in controlling simple commands such as closing your garage door and controlling your light switches just at the touch of your phone.

Amazon Alexa

This home system has more than 7000 third-party incorporations. Alexa is among the broadest smart home system one can get in the market today.
Alexa was initially built to be used in home Eco-speakers to help in weather prediction. But today this smart home system is integrated with plenty of smart products like the thermostats (e.g., Ecobee) and TVs (e.g., Fire TV).

Alexa is used in smart homes to communicate with smart apps like Spotify. You can command the app to switch off the lights. Products manufactured by Samsung, Schlagle, and Philips, integrate so well with Alexa because they are all served under one vast Amazon’ ecosystem; which is a top player in the industry. This means with Alexa; you can lock your doors, open and close your garage, and moderate your home’s temperature.

Alexa’s flexibility to incorporate and speak to any other smart apps and devices makes the system an option for many.

Google Assistant

The massive Google search engine space owns this smart home system. Although Google Assistant has less third-party integration compared to Alexa, it can answer queries and finalize commands that Alexa cannot execute.

Google Assistant is believed to be five times accurate regarding answer deliveries compared to Alexa. This system has a good comprehension skill of how people speak naturally.

For example, if you say “I hate this song” to Spotify, Google Assistant will move onto the next song, unlike it is with the Alexa that will tell you “the service is not supported on Spotify. “Such small variations concerning service delivery make most people love Google Assistant.

Google Assistant is also compatible with products manufactured by premium brands like Belkin, Philips, Nest, August plus prevalent apps including Uber and Spotify.

The Best Smart Home Devices
The Best Smart Home Devices

A smart device is an individual product that communicates with the smart home system.

Here is a list of best smart home devices you can choose.

• Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a moderately affordable device to many people that you should consider purchasing for your smart home system. The speaker is automatically linked to Alexa to play your best-loved music, set alarms, answer questions, make phone calls and send messages.

The Amazon Echo speaker produces 360audio that is evenly spread in your room. It also has noise cancellation technology to amplify your voice so that you can be heard at any point in your home.  With the Amazon Echo, the user can order pizza, turn the TV on and generate a to-do shopping list while seated on a couch.

•  Philips Hue

This Philips Hue bulb allows you to manage the intensity of your lights; you can choose to brighten or dim your lights and even have an option to select for the best color for your lighting.

This app also helps you to create specific color-coordinated modalities by selecting the energize theme from your app for a particular room.

Philips Hue also assists you to set color-organized alarms so that you can wake up each morning in a bright maroon color.

Philips Hue bulbs are compatible with many smart home systems because of their flexibility to function with many such systems. There is also an alternative Philips Hue white for those who hate colors.

• Ecobee4

This is the best thermostat you can integrate with your smart home system. This thermostat allows you to control your air temperature through the use of voice commands.

Ecobee4 comes with its speaker, so you don’t have to incur extra expenses for purchasing an Amazon speaker. This means Ecobee4 can do the same task that can be done by Alexa and Assistant such as controlling other devices, shopping and playing music.

This thermostat functions well with various home ecosystems and apps including the Apple HomeKit and Alexa. Ecobee4 is not only limited to controlling the room it’s installed into, but it can help control also the place you are currently in.

  • iRobot vacuum cleaners

These are the best and handy devices to keep the house clean. With a high suction power, some functions and incredible connectivity, the iRobot vacuum cleaners make Smart home systems even smarter and convenient.

Most of the robot vacuum cleaners are pet-friendly, they have a long-lasting battery that can be charged from the outset. If considering to purchase the robot vacuum cleaner, you should keep an eye on the best models of the iRobot. They are Roomba 900 series ― 960 and 980. The things have many features in common, but there are also several differences.

  • NetGear Arlo Q
    It is a useful security tool, unlike other smart home devices that are only meant to provide entertainment and convenience. NetGear Arlo Q can record top-quality audio and video and produce extraordinary quality images of people even when in pitch-blackness.

With NetGear Arlo Q, you can automatically customize your camera when it should start recording; while at home or in office. The device provides seven days of audio and video support free of charge. These features make NetGear Arlo Q an exemplary smart home device to purchase in comparison to other smart security systems.


Is your home smart? If yes, how smart is it? Have you installed the most recent and the best smart home devices from the market? Is your home adequately safe for your loved ones? I recommend you have a second thought and re-check the above-discussed systems and devices to have the most efficient, safest and reliable smart home system that will help you live a no-stress life. Stop worrying so much about your home security and invest in these excellent security systems.