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Security Tips : How To Secure Your Social Media Accounts from Hackers

Social networking websites becomes more popular in the last few years. Almost every internet users have a accounts on these websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc but many of you don’t know how to protect / secure your account from being hacked.

image : security tips to protect your social media accounts from hackers
Security Tips : How To Secure Your Social Media Accounts From Hackers

That’s the reason, I’ll share a complete guide for you which helps you to secure your passwords and social account being hacked.

Everyone who use social media sites to connect with their friends and relatives all across the globe all are much engaged in it. They share their memories in the type of text, images, videos etc on their social accounts.

But ever you think that your account password is strong? or your social account is safe from others?

But don’t worry, I’ll give you the complete guide of how to secure your social accounts from being hacked.

Normally online any account are hacked due to leakage of password. When anyone know about your account password, they can easily hack your account or any other illegal stuffs with your accounts.

So it is important for you to keep safe your account using some tips and methods that I share in this article.

So let’s start it to discuss about how to protect /secure your social accounts.

9 Tips To Secure / Protect Your Social Media Accounts From Hackers

#1 – Always Use Different Email Account

As I seen that, many newbie or even most experienced internet users create a email account and then use it to create all social media sites accounts, like Facebook Account, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon etc.

But according to security reasons, that is very costly for you sometime. Because if anyhow your email account hacked by someone, then your all social accounts also hacked.

SO always use a different email account on all different social media sites. This would be very helpful and useful method to securing your social accounts from hackers and someone others.

#2 – Use Two-Factor Authentication System

As if you’ve never use it before or heard it before, then it might be very amazing for you. Almost all social media sites offers their users to use two-factor authentication system to their accounts.

That might be pretty useful for securing your accounts, because if somehow your password hacked but you use two-way authentication system, then hacker first now the second factor too, then hacked your account.

So this might be very helpful for protecting your social profiles from others.

#3 – When Receive Message First Think About It

As many times you receive private messages from your friends like on Facebook, or Twitter or even on email account. Then first thing you do, think about it.

Why this person message me? And if it is someone you’ve not know about it or listen about him from anywhere, then always reading these types of messages carefully.

If any type of links appear in it, then don’t open it whether you know about it completely. Simply reply him back and ask “Hey, did you mean to send this to me? and know about him/her and the open the message.

#4 – Use Password Managers To Secure Your Profiles

Hacking password might be most use-able way to hacked any account. Because many of us not being a sharp enough and we don’t create a extraordinary secured password for our social profiles.

Due to this ability, our accounts might be disabled or hacked by someone others. But you can use password managers or create most fulfill and long password that no one guess it.

As much powerful your password as much your account safe and secure.

#5 – Change Password When Needed

As people doesn’t change their password when they select one time. This is not good if you want to long run for your social accounts. Always change your password even after week or month.

But I recommended you always change your password whenever you feel that your account was not secured or your password is weak.

#6 – Always Use Privacy Method to Secure Your Account

Privacy controls allow you to add something better and invisible security questions like what is your first pet name? or your mother name? or your hero name? something like that questions.

These questions might be pretty useful and helpful for you to keep safe your accounts from being hacked.

Almost all social networking sites allows you to enable this feature to your account manager. Simply go to your account setting, and find this feature and enable it.

#7 – Report Any Problem To Social Network Team

Whenever you feel any problem with your account then always contact with customer team members and tell them what happened with your account?

They will help you as much as they can and you can easily secure and safe your account from hackers and all others.

#8 – Use Long Password But Different From Others

If you create many social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn then I always recommended you to choose different password on all these accounts. This was not compulsory, but it might be helpful for you to secure to account.

Use long password at least 8 to 16 characters long and use numeric, alphabetic, upper case, lower case, and any one special characters too into your password.

These all tips are useful for creating a powerful password and keep your account safe and healthy and prevent from someone others who want to hacking your account.

#9 – Use Mobile Number For Password Recovery

It is recommended for always to use your personal mobile number to your social accounts profiles for password recovery. Because whenever any disturbance creates on your account, their management team tell you about this.
Also if you forget your password any time, then don’t worry you can easily recover it using your mobile phone number. So this is very best feature which is allow all social media websites.

So these are some basic steps which are necessary for you to doing well. And if you do this properly, then your any social account will be safe and healthy and secure from all others. If you like this, then please share with others too. Thanks