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How To Start Monetizing a Blogs – Best Way to Make a Living


Making money online through blogging is a very famous and phrase in today online community. Almost thousands of bloggers are making huge money from their blogs and make a living out of their blogs. Unless for the past few years, no one can know about the term “Blogs” or “Blogging”. But now stats and figures says that almost (90+ Millions of blogs exists in today world). 

How To Start Monetizing a Blogs - Best Way to Make a Living

Start blogging is not a difficult but keep maintain it all the time , this is the very difficult job especially for newbies. If you want you can simply start blogs by selecting your niches, choose any famous blogging platforms like ( Blogger or WordPress) , and start writing their and publishing posts every day. Newbies think that when he published new posts there are thousands of visitors see their post, but that’s not true, you cannot do this without having any effort. Blog ranking does not increase in a day it takes some time and determination .

You can start blogging on any topic like on Perfumes, Shoes, Health, Cooking etc, select those niche which you love and write on it without any hesitation. Write consistently on your blogs, and one time comes when you find thousands of readers into your blogs in some where in the world. And also they enjoy to reading your posts, comments here and also share it.

Many people in the world have quite their 8 to 5 jobs to take up the blogging as a hobby, and as a fully time job like profession and they never complaining any time. Blogging is not just about sharing some contents related to your thoughts , it is basically helps to pay your bills, keep all your expenses , when you have a decent amount of visitors. Simply for some inspiration and motivation check my list of Top 50 Earning blogs which they are earning millions of dollars per month.

When your viewerships develops, then you can monetize your blogs simply by any advertisement platforms like Google Adsense. Here generally two methods are available to generate income from your blogs,first one is you can provide some kind of services if you expert in any topic, and believe me many can gives you hundreds to thousands of dollars in a single order.

And the other option is to monetized your blogs through advertisements, sponserships, paid reviews etc.These both are the very famous methods even today and you can make huge money from these two methods via your blogs.

There are many blog monetization platforms where you can simply monetized your blogs. But the most famous and you can also says that the father of advertisements companies is Google Adsense. Adsense is a very famous contexual based ads network which provides you your content related ads so visitors can easily engaged with these ads and click on it and you can simply get paid. You can simply start your blog, develops your readership and apply for Adsense to make money online through blogging.

The second one is the most profitable platform is Yahoo & Bing Contexual Ads Network which is also very famous ad network.You can use both networks at the same time into your blogs and make huge money . Info-links also used for this purpose.

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After that, the main and very awesome technique of blog monetization is Affiliate Marketing. You can simply create your account for affiliate programs like Amazon, eBay, Hostgator, Godaddy etc companies and they provide you links, you can simply add these links into your blogs and when any one click on your links and go to their sites and buy any thing you get paid and get some commissions. In this modern blogging age, this is the best and most usable technique for blogs monetization.

You can also write a sponsers posts for others and also make a review on other companies into your blogs so they can also provide you $10 to $100 dollars even a single post. So blogs have the tremendous potential for generating revenues from this.Many people quit their regular jobs and started blogging and make a thousands of dollars even in a single month. So you can also start your blogs today .


    • Thank you so much Pawan for reading my blog. Hope you also like my other articles. Thanks for your nice words ! ! !

  1. Thank you so much Pawan for reading my blog. Hope you also like my other articles. Thanks for your nice words ! ! !

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