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Tablet Vs. PC: The Pros and Cons For Gaming

Tablet Vs PC The Pros and Cons for Gaming

Today, online gaming is a favorite pastime worldwide, wherein you can enter the virtual world via mobile gaming devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. You probably use your smartphone for playing Plants vs.Zombies, but find it entirely restricted for adventure-packed online games, such as Kingdom Hearts 3, Resident Evil 2, and Anthem. For an ultimate gaming experience, you’ll need a more powerful device like a tablet for gaming or PC.

In this post, you’ll learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of using a tablet and PC for gaming.  

Tablet Vs. PC: Overall Design

Tablets intended for online games are considered innovative devices to players nowadays, which offer the advantages of a laptop without a large form or a bulky design. Unlike in the past, tablets are now more powerful than ever.

The resolution for a tablet can look clear and crisp even with less than 1080p because the pixels are not enlarged. The best screen quality for a gaming tablet is 1800×1200 or close to 1080p.

Here are the pros and cons of gaming tablets in terms of overall design:


  • Lightweight: The average weight of tablets is under 0.8 kg or 1.75 lbs. Laptops weigh approximately 2.3 kg or 5 lbs and above. Many laptop brands have lightweight versions, ranging from 1 kg to 2.7 kg (2 lb to 6 lbs).
  • Portable: Tablets and laptops are both portable, but gaming tablets win the spot when it comes to superior portability. You can play while sitting, standing, or lying on your bed, so it’s very convenient to use.


  • Lower resolution (not noticeable due to screen size)
  • Smaller screen

Tablet Vs. PC: Games You Can Play

Tablet Vs PC

In the past, PCs have faster speed and better performance when it comes to gaming than tablets and smartphones. However, times have changed. Tablets for gaming either run on mobile operating systems (OS) or a desktop OS, having the full capabilities of computers, with a touch-screen feature so you can use it like a notebook or a regular tablet. The games you can play in a tablet for gaming is influenced by different factors, such as the operating system and input options, like a keyboard.

Here are the pros and cons of a gaming tablet when it comes to the types of games you can play:


  • Most tablets can do what PCs can do
  • Suitable for mobile-specific games that PCs can’t handle
  • Some tablets have a rotatable screen or attached keyboard


  • Limited access to specific games for an OS, like games for iOS or Android mobile devices only

Tablet Vs. PC: RAM

Random Access Memory or RAM is a crucial component of any gaming device. For PCs, the minimum RAM is 8GB up to 32GB. Gaming tablets use RAM differently with at least 4GB up to 8GB.

Here are the pros and cons of tablets when it comes to RAM:


  • RAM capability provides an excellent mobile gaming performance


  • You can only go as high as 8GB

Tablet Vs. PC: GPU

PCs rely on Graphic Processing Unit or GPU for graphics. The GPU options in PCs are different from tablets. While an integrated GPU will not provide the highest quality resolutions for graphics, you’ll be able to play plenty of games.

For non-mobile games, you need a dedicated GPU that doesn’t require streaming. On the other hand, mobile games don’t need the intensive graphical capability, so a tablet for gaming is a better option.

Tablet Vs. PC:  Disk Space

Your choice of gaming tablet should take into account the disk space. This step is essential if you’re planning to use media or install plenty of games and apps.

Here are the pros and cons of tablets when it comes to disk space:


  • Many brands of tablets for gaming have expandable disk space
  • Most disk space for a tablet is Solid State Drive or SSD, which is incredibly fast
  • Decent disk space for mobile games
  • Perfect for storing a few of your favorite games for mobile use


  • Most tablets offer only up to 32GB disk space
  • PCs provide more games to store

Tablet Vs. PC: CPU or Processor

The CPU or processor highly depends on your non-gaming activities, such as Photoshop and video editing, and modern games you play, like Final Fantasy XV and Assassin’s Creed Origins. Tablet manufacturers differ in developing strong and powerful processors, so reading reviews is a good idea.


Tablets are generally smaller in screen size than PCs, but it doesn’t mean that it’s smaller in features and performance. Many tablets can already do what PCs can do, such as faster and more convenient gaming for mobile-specific games. If you have issues with audio quality, you can invest in high-quality gaming headsets.


  1. I strongly support Pc over the tablet, because many games needs specific requirements that will be very difficult to find in normal tablets specially war games, and using the normal mouse to play some games more comfortable.

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